Monday, January 4, 2016

comics for the week of 12/30/15.

Is Spidey already delayed? 2 issues into a reboot-ish series? Forreal?

Black Magick 3 - Despite not being able to find a translation on the Internet of the German section, I'm fairly confident I got the gist of it. This book is only getting better and better. I love the colors (or lack thereof) and the lead character is a solid exercise in contradictions and caution. She's carefully developed and the process by which she makes her house safe (although it may be too late?) was cool to see. But the best interactions are with her work partners, not her witch ones; all of those people feel so real. Their relationships have been built over time and we don't need to have spent all that time with them to see that, to know it. This is a great book.

East of West 23 - Cool. The kids are coming out to play. It's not just about the end of the world, then. Of course not. Nothing ever really is. It's about the next world, the way forward. I, for one, am looking forward to all variations of it at this point. I think, obviously, the point of the series will be for us to find our chosen path forward and root for them, but at this point, all things being equal, I'm good with whatever. There's so many layers to the different provinces that I've still no idea who I'd truly want to see win. They all have appeal. The sign of a great story. We get to see the Kingdom's heir and the Wolf sharing a childhood (and a point at which Wolf didn't know Bird, apparently?) as well as the survival of Mao and the result of that on her would-be assassins. Great stuff.

Wolverine 3 - Still fun, still a classic comic, still not much more to it, still doesn't need to be. Wolverine is having some adventures, they're causing her to mess some people up and cross paths with another Marvel character. What more do you want?

Book of the week goes to Black Magick. I'm so sold on this new title.

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