Monday, December 21, 2015

comics for the week of 12/16/15.

Still reading I Hate Fairyland, still not worth reviewing, but still tons of fun. And if anything is being made clear by the new run of Marvel books it's that NO ONE SHOULD EVER be OK with seeing Doom out and about in the MU ever again. I know he's only been in Iron Man's book so far, but that shouldn't even be the case. There would have/should have been a five-alarm bell that Tony sent out and EVERY hero in the MU would have been there to whup his ass. Which means there'll be some sort of...amnesia at the end of the Wars?

All New X-Men 2 - Yeah, I'm off this. I don't care about young Cyke's guilt over future Cyke's actions. And that's what this book is turning in to. I do care about Laura and Kid Apocalypse and Pickles, but that's just not enough. Plus, I'm not loving Bagley's work here. Call me when something important happens.

Huck 2 - Huh. Well...we still don't have many answers, and the puzzle's only getting larger. But we can see that Huck's life hasn't nearly been ruined like we feared it would be by the last page of the last issue. In fact, he seems to be getting more and more brave. Last time was the first time (maybe?) he'd ventured out of the country and now he does so again with all the cameras on him? (How does he get to Afghanistan anyway? I mean, there's no trucks or trains he can just hop on top of there. Does he illegally board airplanes? Hop in the hangar? There's gotta be laws against that stuff, right?) Anyway, I'm still not sold on this as a great book, but it's entertaining for sure.

Illuminati 2 - Still fun, but not as much fun. I love that they're not taking themselves seriously. This is like that book that everyone THOUGHT was really great a few years back that I thought was shit. (But I can't remember what it was...) The Hood is known throughout the MU as a wanker, and his crew knows it. They even tell him to his face they're not interested in his schemes. The Club Fenris scene took the cake, though, not just for the siblings and the dialogue, but the Paste Pot Pete cameo. Geez. This is a seriously screwball take, but it's a worthwhile one.

Invincible 126 - Dang. That was a good ending, a good explanation, and a good issue. I liked the concept of Reboot? and it turned out almost as well as I could have asked for. I think the creature that sent him back in time will have some rather long-lasting ramifications, beyond just the twist of the last page. I can't believe that Eve would have stayed on the alien planet for that long, though, after she'd pretty much hated it just before this story takes place. I also can't believe those wouldn't be the first words out of her mouth. But otherwise, it was awesome, really well done and proof that you can do a time travel/reboot story without throwing everything away.

Lucifer 1 - How awesome that Lucifer is back and it's good and the art is nice and the story seems solid. And how nice that it's got a note about things coming full circle at a time when Vertigo is, once again, killing the market. I'm happy this exists; that it's good is a bonus. I'm along for the ride.

Ms. Marvel 2 - This is still one of the best new Marvel books and I love Kamala and the art and the storyline, but I have a gripe: I wish they hadn't made the villains so stereotypical. If we're gonna do the progressive thing and act like Muslims get discriminated against, can we just have the discriminators be real people, not cartoonish stereotypes? Because, honestly, that bit about walking on the sidewalk? It doesn't take a mastermind villain to say something as idiotic. I hear it all the time from very average people. Aside from that, though, this book continues to be head and shoulders above the rest of its Marvel brethren.

Thor 2 - Jesus, the colors in this book pop. The contrast between the first and second scenes really make that stand out, but even in the rest of the book, they really shine. This issue really succeeded in a lot of ways the first didn't but I can't pinpoint the differences. Maybe it really all comes down to Loki? Maybe it's the power of words? Maybe it was less of Jane and more of Thor? I don't know, but I liked it. I'm not a huge action fan, so I know it wasn't the war. It does, on the one hand, feel a bit familiar, what with Heimdall being put in jail, but there's huge progress being made on the overall story, so I'm good with that.

Ultimate End 5 - I thought I was gonna hate it but it was everything it needed to be: over the top, cheesy, sad, and then happy. What more could I ask for? I knew where it was going and so did everyone else, but that ending made it so worthwhile. Ganke's made the transition, and so did Miles' mom - shit, maybe it's even more than I had a right to ask for. Can't wait for Miles' book - probably the only Spider book that I'll legit stay with. Great stuff.

Book of the week goes to Ms. Marvel.

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