Monday, December 14, 2015

comics for the week of 12/09/15.

I also finished up with We Stand on Guard, but only because I learned it was only going 6 issues. I'd read the first, it was fine, but I didn't think I'd buy into it longterm. As a short term project, though, it was nice. I also dropped out of the Spider-Verse entirely. Spider-Man just feels like 60s Spidey, except spread across the globe (ergo more unbelievable) and Spider-Gwen is fun, but feels like it's 90s comics extremism in the alternative nature. Look, it's Harry! He's a goblin! He's a hunter! He's going to get the Spider-Girl! Enh.

Hawkeye 2 - Still fun, still weird, still cool that they're doing the multiple timelines thing. Still odd to think of Clint as this important. Still cool to see his ordinary life. Still fun to hear the banter between the two of them, but especially to bring in the guests they did in America and Noh-Varr. Still won't be continuing the book. I'll read next issue to see how they wrap this up, but the art doesn't facilitate my continued reading.

Rachel Rising 38 - Boy, Terry Moore really knows how to do relationships and small time conversations, huh? I mean, I know this book is about Lilith and the Devil and Good versus Evil and all those huge tropes, but... His biggest talent are the smallest moments. The Earl and Jet sleeping scene was the best, her one-liner about being clingy was hilarious and the ending was intriguing, but not the best part. The Johnny and Rachel conversation was the same: intriguing, but nowhere near as good as two old women reminiscing about the past. This is where he shines and it's so lovely.

Secret Wars 8 - Hickman delivers the goods. Doom knows how to rock a situation to make it what he wants, but, ultimately, he'll have met his match when he has to face Reed - not to mention 2 Reeds. The issue was great, but I'm still struck, overwhelmingly, that I just want it to be over so that I can reassess in retrospect and then see how things go forward. Ben Grimm is awesome, Franklin is going to feel like shit, Starlord was funny, Thanos got what he fucking deserves, and that's about it. Bring on the conclusion with T'Challa and Namor!

Twilight Children 3 - First of all, this book is great but so so so so so so so weird. I have no idea what's happening. It's a quick read and there's only 4 issues, which is good, because I think I'll pick up the trade because it's gorgeous and it'll be worth a re-read. But yeah, there's a lot of skimmed ground. We've got a name for the girl, Ela, we've got a task for her, to stop the bad guy, and we've got some refinements of all the characters, but most especially Tito. Other than that, I'm still in the dark. But in the back, we see there's gonna be a new Lucifer series? Awesome!

Ultimates 2 - Huh. So...did they destroy Galactus? And then remake him? And transform him? And now he's a totally different character than what we've known for decades? And he's going to serve as a one-of-a-kind new amalgamation of the Abyss and Ex Nihilo characters? And this is going to serve only to bump up this book in terms of grand scale? Cuz if so, that's kind of badass. I mean, I don't REALLY care about this sort of stuff, but if they're actually going to play around with this huge scale stuff, I think I WILL care. Cuz that's awesome. Also, what balls to retcon a backstory for Galactus' origi n. Good work team.

The Walking Dead 149 - It wasn't bad, but it kinda felt like a filler issue, just buying time until next issue's big landmark. Rick talks to Negan, Rick kinda moves forward and we see the community grieving and pacing (at least mentally) back and forth but not really going anywhere. The best part of this issue, though, was Negan's conversation with Rick. And I actually would take it even a step farther than Negan said: kill those motherfuckers forreal. You've got bullets, guns, people, you're gonna make an army? Kill them for sure. You don't need to lie at all.

Book of the week goes to Secret Wars. All the books were good, none were great, but Secret Wars and Ultimates were the most fun.

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