Monday, October 19, 2015

comics for the week of 10/14/15.

A whole new flock of Marvel tryouts to talk about this week. Too bad most of it was garbage. On the other hand, the indies were great, as usual, plus there was some other goodness.

Captain America 1 - Well, they're certainly pushing an agenda. And while it's one I agree with, I'm not sure how it's going to sell. It'll be interesting to hear people talk about it. But the real thing is the last page. I'm not sure how the new Marvel U is totally shaping up, but it's nice to see that we're proceeding with old Steve as a real thing, in a new role. So this has gotta mean Nick Fury's on the other side, right? Sam does a good Cap (not as good as Bucky, wouldn't have worked the same way this issue did, either; it couldn't have) and the bird is cool, but I've honestly never been that interested in Cap. I'm a fan of this issue, not sure I'll have much interest in the series.

Civil War 5 - Tight. That was fun. Pointless in a way that Old Man Logan (and anything else that brought someone into the new Marvel U) wasn't, but still fun. Nice to see Tony and Steve teaming up to change the world one last time. One of the best little series coming out of the Secret Wars.

East of West 21 - Layers on layers and flashbacks on flashbacks. I like the structure of this second year, where we're moving the story forward but learning about what came before as well. This was a solid issue even if I don't really understand the deal tie Chief made toward the end. Did he commit? I think so? But with so many sides and so many variables and so many unknowns, it's hard to act like I can really tell. The relationship between the Widowmaker and Doma is a solid device, I hope they both stay alive long enough for us to see some real fruit from it. The Nation are a complicated people and they bring a great side to this conflict; I'm glad we're getting some exploration.

I Hate Fairyland 1 - Go for the Skottie Young, stay for the hilarity. This is awesome and everyone should read it, if only just for laughs. Good good good stuff.

New Avengers 1 - Goddamn, that was weird. I mean, all parts of it were pretty great, but there was some truly bizarre stuff. What's with every book needing some radically wacky element? Squirrel Girl? Why is she even here? (Why was D-Man in Captain America???) The way the team comes together is cool and I don't really like the name Power Man, but the new guy seems cool. The Maker's presence in this book is what's gonna make me pay attention to it. (Also, Sunspot. Love the mutants. There's so few of them now?) But what's with Dugan being a Ghost-Robot-Frankenstein? What's with SHIELD? What's with the mutants being gone? It's cool that Marvel is doing the anti-DC and not spilling the guts on literally everything, but boy, we sure are in the dark about a lot. I'm glad it's not giving away the ending to Secret Wars, but it's waaaaay more different than I thought it was gonna be.

Spider-Gwen 1 - That was cooooooool. They're fully embracing the other universe now that they're let loose, huh? Cap on the last page, Roxxon, Oscorp, Harry, all kiiiiinds of mentions. Gwen's dad is back on her side, it looks like some time has passed and we've got a whole new universe to play with. That'll be fun. I'm in for the ride, especially if Robbi Rodriguez continues to go as nuts with the art as he did in this one. In the first series, it felt back and forth at times, but he has a nice consistency here that'll continue to evolve into a truly great style. I'm a big fan.

Spider-Man 2099 1 - Whoah. Great first issue. Nice inclusion of the A2 Captain America in the new Marvel U. That's a cool touch that'll have loads of potential. But, Miguel O'Hara, despite losing his love interest, just like Captain America (whether Steve or Sam) doesn't truly interest me. The 2099 line was always a fun side trip, but only because it was so different. Now that he's in the U proper, I'm not sure that I care enough about him to buy him over Miles (whose book isn't out yet, but I'm already banking on). It's funny, but he said it best: with so many Spider-people to choose from, I don't need him.

The Twilight Children 1 - Wow. The art, obviously. But the story, too. Geez. The next great Vertigo series? Way too early to tell, and with these two, I'd never be bold enough to expect anything even remotely longish, but it's a heck of a start. It's brief (in words) but long (in both content as well as pages - or at least it felt that way) in the best kind of way. We've got some kids, we've got adults behaving badly, we've got implied backstory, we've got a remote setting with its own world... Everything's good.

Uncanny Avengers 1 - Jesus, there was a lot of spoilery stuff in there, but none as bad as Old Man Steve Rogers acting like an out of touch grandpa and the horrid art. Spidey quitting so early in the issue, Johnny Storm playing the role of the idiot, Deadpool playing the role of trusted ace, Rogue speaking like a child, and the forced integration of the Inhumans at the cost of (apparently) most of the X-Universe (they're...elsewhere? We're still gonna HAVE X books, right?) were just some of the things I disliked here. Reed and Sue are gone? Ben's elsewhere, too? Is he hanging out with the X-Men? Spidey hates Deadpool this much but he's gonna have a book with him? I hope it's not as awkward (or poorly drawn) as this book. Deadpool with the triple-meta-self-awareness could be cool, too, but on a book that's supposed to be so serious and serve as a benchmark? No thanks.

The Walking Dead 147 - Huh, yeah, good developments, but not much. I don't think that gun on the last page is ging to amount to much, but I did think the conversation between Michonne and Rick was solid. She needed that. And he needed to say it about Andrea. Their relationship is in a good place. The people are going to be pissed when they find out Lydia's in safety, though, and I'm not actually convinced she is, heading up to the Hilltop with Maggie. Shit there is totally different than Rick thinks.

Book of the week goes to East of West.

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