Tuesday, September 8, 2015

comics for the weeks of 08/26/15 & 09/02/15.

Lumberjanes is also out this week and is always excellent, you should get there, too.

Civil War 3 - Huh. Well, that was a weird issue. I mean...both missions were successful, to a degree, but did either one of them get what they truly wanted? It seems like Cap's side is ahead for now, but I'm not sure what that's actually going to mean with the knowledge that a third party is involved...in...some way. Either way, it's still fun, Yu is doing fine work on the pencils and the story still feels like a clear possibility. Good stuff, not vital, but it'll make for some solid memories.

East of West 20 - Year 2 of the Apocalypse starts with a bang. The Union is trying to stave off war while the Endless Nation and the House of Mao are teaming up. But we see some treachery lying in the wings, not from whom we'd expect. I like the alliances that we'll see in this part because I think it'll make all the various parts easier to keep track of. I'm sad we didn't see Babylon this issue, but there'll always be time for him - he's a central player.

Fight Club 4 - Jesus. Palahniuk is into the meta-ficiton now, too, huh? OK, so I have no idea what happened here, other than Sebastian appears to be in the house, making soap, and meets up with Angel Face, almost beats him in a fight, but then loses due to nostalgia? And there's creeping signs (not just the obvious author cameo) that we know we're reading a work of fiction? Is Chuck the one who gives Marla the advice to get the kids to go overseas? Are they actually joining some of the fighting groups? Are we supposed to believe there's ANY Make A Wish foundation that would actually even send them there, much less get that close to the madness? No way, right? So is it all in her head? In his? In ours? Is this some sort of test? The Mack covers continue to be gorgeous, I'll tell you that much.

New MGMT 1 - Well well well. It's finally done, but the last page was perfect. Meru wins. There's a new MGMT. But there's just enough left over that things are still...in flux? I wouldn't even say that. I would just say that it was well-written. It wasn't the best written conclusion I've ever read, but it was almost exactly what it should have been and what it needed to be. I'm thankful for the series as a whole and for the fact that Matt Kindt succeeded in this ambitious look at something that used to be a lot more common: making good comics fun again and sell good numbers from month to month. Plus, it kicked ass the whole way out. It'll make a solid recommendation for any comic fan at any time.

Old Man Logan 4 - Well, that was fun, if only a one-note bit of fun. But I liked the crossover from the rest of the Battleworld storylines, and I like where it left Old Man Logan. We can see, maybe, where he's going to join up in the All New Marvel U. But for now, it's just a filler issue, showing old Wolvie taking on a whole world of zombies. Fun.

Book of the week goes to New MGMT. Let's not mourn its passing, let's celebrate its existence.


Happy late Labor Day! Instead of working, I ran, broke my phone, and read comics. In other words, it was a near perfect three day weekend.

Angel and Faith 14 - Interesting, fun, and another ending that I didn't truly understand. Drusilla still didn't look much like her character, but the ending with Faith and Fred on the rooftop having some vino felt real. We obviously learn why Mary was the prize, but I don't get the relevance of the statue, so I'm assuming it'll be cleared up for me some time soon. Fine issue, nothing special.

Daredevil 14 - A great end to a great run on a great series. It's funny to think, but since DD was relaunched in the Marvel Knights line, it's probably been the most consistently great Marvel book? I mean, shit. And the tonal shifts on this last run really hit their stride in this move to SF, the alliance with the DA, the refocus on Foggy and the friendship of he and Matt. There were so many good things about this run that I can overlook an imperfect last issue because it was damn good, just like the rest of the book. It wasn't perfect, but you know what? It doesn't have to be. It was fun and some of the most pure joy comics I've read in a long time. Thanks to Waid and Samnee for making things fun again while proving that fun doesn't have to mean wacky, off-the-wall, not-important-to-continuity bullshit. This was important. This matters. And it can still be fun.

Rachel Rising 36 - Well wasn't that just a perfect mixture? The gang of three are plotting their way into the Big Bad and his demise, we see just a smidgen of the guy who (probably) killed Rachel, and we get that amazing little glimpse into Jet and Earl. Those wordless panels, man, I love them. (And I know my buddy Dave Jordan loves them even more.) Terry Moore seems to finally be back on track and I'm loving this book again.

Book of the week goes to Daredevil. I think RR was probably actually better, but Waid and Samnee went out on a high note and I expect Moore to continue, so there's more opportunity for him.

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