Monday, August 24, 2015

comics for the week of 08/19/15.

You know what's cool? Superhero comics. You know what's fun? Movies based on those comics. You know what's weird? How much bad shit we heard about Ant-Man while it was being made versus how good it turned out, compared to how little bad shit we heard about Fantastic Four while it was being made versus how bad everyone seems to think it turned out. Weird.

Buffy 18 - Not a huge fan of how Angel framed the relationship in the end, but I can't say I totally disagree with it. The art was still a bit off, and the fight, while cool, still seemed less thrilling than it needs to be, especially if Archaeus is the Big Bad. But I'm glad this arc is over - it's got most of our main characters to a good point. So now we'll have a mini-arc and then the end? Curious to see where it goes.

Invincible 144 - We're clearly getting the seeds planted for Mark and Eve's inevitable return to Earth, but I've gotta say: I love seeing them so out of place. Of course, the fish out of water is a fun story to tell, but more than that, I mean that I love seeing Walker get to pencil some of those backgrounds and characters! It's a great opportunity for him to go totally nuts. Other than the art, though, the story was good, too. We got a neat little split between their new world and the larger goings on in the universe (outside of Earth) and it's looking like the Council will be taking the fight to Thragg. Mark might have trouble convincing Eve to let him join that fight, but he shouldn't. This is the most important thing he could be doing. It's worth risking his death.

Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows 4 - It's too bad Kubert's on the art, but the story isn't half bad. The kid's got guts, she's a great Parker heir - Annie May. Regent's got an idea of taking on Doom, Hawkeye has become Nick Fury and Urich's been covering the Parkers' tracks. There's a lot to like here. But, ultimately, it's not that meaningful and it certainly won't stand the test of time as one of the all-time great Spidey stories. But it's been a lot of fun.

Book of the week goes to Invincible. Tons of fun.

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