Monday, August 17, 2015

comics for the week of 08/12/15.

I'm wondering how thing are going over in the DCU. It's been a long time.

Secret Wars 5 - Huh. Well. I thought I got it pretty well when Doom and Molecule Man were talking, but the end is still a bit wobbly. Obviously, Val knows something is up. And her group is going to find out some of the shenanigans. But where's Franklin in all this? And what's up with the SHILED gang (old school Hickman alert!) being there? (And will we ever get the end to that series?) And what's up with the old Thor on the first page? And if Molecule Man's statue is there with Strange's, why doesn't anyone ever talk about him? And how does Doom get into that wacky place? And what (exactly) was the plan that let them beat the Beyonders? They cloned Reece? Then they attacked the Beyonders....? with their own bomb...? times a whole bunch...? And now he has to live in there as a conduit of the power? But it's made of Doom? Because he made the choice? And what (exactly) did Franklin do to Stephen's statue? And why couldn't we see that growing out of it later? Owen's words about needing to eat something soon seem to stand out as some pretty stark foreshadowing, as does Thanos being on the edge of the shield, but some of that is obviously given away by next month's cover - it's not as though zombies are going to be able to stop the Mad Titan.

The Walking Dead 144 - This was a good example of a good waste of time. There was almost nothing to this issue that we didn't get from the ending of last issue and that we won't get from the beginning of the next. Despite the fact that nothing truly happened, it didn't feel wasteful. Seeing people grieve is a real thing, but it wasn't compelling and I won't remember it long-term.

Years of Future Past 4 - The worst it's been, but in a very X-Men way. Cameron and Christina are related, Magneto is a traitor, there's divisions on the sides, and it's all very soap opera-y. Not well pencilled, nor written with good dialogue (although a good joke about monologues in there) but we only have one more till the end. I wonder if many of these series will serve any point. I mean, Old Man Logan is coming over, but, like, is anything going to spring from THIS series into the new Marvel U? If not, this was a pretty bad waste of time.

Book of the week goes to Secret Wars.

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