Tuesday, July 7, 2015

comics for the week of 07/01/15.

Comic books are so much fun, and Marvel is doing a great job of proving that right now. I read the second Future Imperfect and the Years of Future Past and they were both a lot of fun. That's kind of all I ask for?

Angel and Faith 16 - Hahahaha. This is shaping up to be ridiculous. You've lost all the momentum from Angel and Faith's reunion and any of the semblance of greatness from Magic Town. Now we've just got Faith, as a substitute gym teacher, in London, with a cop who's crushing on her, and with revived Fred as a sidekick. That's a comic premise and it doesn't come across any better when you add in the schoolboy vamps and the ridiculously reluctant Mary. There are some obvious directions this storyline is going to go, but I hope it just wraps up sooner rather than later so that we can get back to something like an overall plot. For now, this was a rather wasted issue.

Secret Wars 4 - This is like the comic book equivalent of pure ego: "No one man should have all that power!" Doom plays the God role to perfection and several things do not go our heroes' way. But the best thing that does is that Strange recognizes that they might be good for the world and he scatters them before Doom can do more damage. Unfortunately (?) this also applies to the villains (?) who are in the vicinity? I'm actually not too clear on that part, if all the question marks didn't indicate that. Meanwhile, there's other signs that Doom's version of Paradise is about to come crashing down, too, as we've got Val and Sue noticing some similarities and making observations that will lead them down a path he'll be none too interested in. We also learn that there's (apparently?) no other Reed Richards in the multiverse? Hard to believe, given that we've seen him in a lot of these other 'verses over the years, but I'm certainly not keeping well enough track of the books coming out now to see if he's in any of these stories. That would be clever cherry picking, if so. Regardless, the stage is now set for quite literally the greatest Doom vs. Reed battle of all time. Man.

Ultimate End 3 - Again, essentially worthless. I hope this isn't the coda to the Ultimate Universe, because if so it's a shit cherry on what's been a hell of a sundae. It's a good enough book, but it seems like there's no point to it and it doesn't fit with anything else.

We Stand on Guard 1 - Whoah, Jesus! What a beginning! It was awesome and a lot of fun and it sucked me right in. I'm not exactly convinced of the long term potential, but I do love me some BKV, so I'm definitely going to keep on trucking with it. The art's not to my taste, but I love the dynamic of USA vs. Canada, if only because of the modern situation - with the longest land border that sits unprotected, there's some ripe storytelling ground. Also, setting the story in the future is one of the most sure fire ways to get me invested. A great start.

Book of the week goes to Secret Wars. This is everything we've wanted it to be.

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