Monday, June 29, 2015

comics for the week of 06/24/15.

Still genuinely excited for Marvel, still aghast at the mess that DC has made of itself. Nothing good from the Distinguished Competition again this week, despite my trying out some of the alternate titles that Dave suggested, as well as my dabbling in the mainstream. Nothing even suggesting hope, outside of Injustice. What an ironic shitshow.

Daredevil 16 - That certainly looks like blood underneath Foggy and there is no part of that that's good. Kirsten also appears to be in a not great place. Man, the offer that Matt presented to Kingpin was great - I did not see that coming. But it appears as though Fisk has out-thought him on this one. I'm confident, of course, that'll change, but there are going to be some damning consequences first, huh? I mean, there are a lot of players on the board right now: Owl and his daughter, Shroud and his ex, the anti-DD coming back as a dangling plot device and, of course, Matt and Fisk. (Sidenote: are we really going to have to base everything on TV and movies now? Fisk in his art gallery? But I loved that they weren't the stupid white canvases [appropriate for the story we got told in the Netflix series] but rather all tortured looks at killing DD.)

Fight Club 2 2 - It still seems kind of pointless. I mean, if he's going undercover at the Paper Street Soap Company to find out what Tyler knows, Tyler will be able to give him away, right? Unless he NEEDS hypnosis to resurface, in which case we might be getting somewhere. The art is still fine, Marla's still fine, but I have a feeling the kid is not exactly the desperate case that he's being presented as.

The Walking Dead 143 - Well, we're definitely seeing a changing dynamic. I'd be interested in hearing what the crew who claimed that TWD never changes say to this issue. Alpha is putting Rick in his place. The only real question remaining is if she really wants to be left alone, or if she's going to imperialist that shit and try to spread her values onto our gang. Carl's coming into his own as a character, but it feels cheap, if only because almost all young love is. But if that's what it takes for him, well, shit, most of us did it that way, too. (And we were misguided, just like he is.) Maggie's still gonna be in deep shit, none of Rick's crew is hurt just yet, but next issue could be the big switch. Which way's it gonna go?

Book of the week goes to Daredevil. Someday, we will look back at the 21st century as Daredevil's just as much as (if not more than?) Ultimate Marvel's.

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