Monday, May 11, 2015

comics for the week of 04/29/15.

Convergence is still happening but it's not good.

Avengers 44 - Whoah. I...have no idea. Tony gets Sol's hammer to work. And...the Ultimate Universe is...maybe on board with evil Reed? It seems like he's got them eating out of his hand? And we've got a callback to the old premise of Tony and Steve? And Ultimate Nick Fury was with evilReed and Thanos (and Maximus...) and...then he wasn't? And Clint neither? But the ultimate showdown comes between Tony and Steve and the old metaphor of them being life and death. I don't know how Secret Wars is going to shake out, but I know that it can't end with them being best buddies any more, if continuity means anything. It's gone too far.

Daredevil 15 - Huh. Not what I was expecting. But then again, what else could it be, huh? Man. This is great. I'm curious how much longer it's gonna run (1 issue?) before the Wars kill everything, and what's going to come after. Like I've said about Ultimate Spidey, Miles and his gang, there's been so much development in this book that it would be a total shame to waste it. So, what are we left with? DD's not getting his identity back, so what can he gain from seeing Fisk?

Invincible 115 - Solid. Eve and Mark have the right decision when it comes to the rape, and Terra turns out all right. Eve figures out how to cook, Mark maybe gets a job, but there are some complications, too. Obviously, the job cliffhanger is the biggest one and I love that the preview for next issue says that it'll be the conclusion to that battle. Because, while I got a huge chuckle out of the one page spread of that fight, it's a gag that could go on too long. This will be a great time to wrap it up. Also, Mark's accusation of Oliver's girlfriend probably is going to have some long term consequences, huh?

Multiversity 2 - Well, just like all events, I thought it was cool and there were some awesome moments, but I was ultimately left feeling hollow. It had some cool stuff, no doubt. But it's never been my cup of tea, the Morrison event.

New Avengers 33 - Avengers made me whoah, but this made me really wow. This was the difference between movies and films. And just like most films, I'm certainly not going to claim that I got everything right away. This will bear repeated re-readings. But damn. This was, basically, a conversation between Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom, retconning the whole lot of the universe. (Or, rather, the multiverse.) Damn.

Book of the week goes to New Avengers. I'm psyched for Secret Wars even more than I was before because of this issue.


Secret Wars is here!

Angel and Faith 14 - That was fun, the group shot was hilarious, and the end set things in play for the finale - or at least I think. We see some of the uneasiness we all had about Nadira coming out in that last section, and it appears as though it's a good thing that Fred and Illyria have reached a truce...even if they haven't really, and it'll be a subplot for a while. But the coolest thing is that it looks like Angel's got a whole new gang. I like this idea because it means that he doesn't have to head back to the States and reunite with the Scoobies in order to validate his adventures. He and Faith can have Angel & Faith in Magic Town and crossovers every once in a while can be cool, but they can just live in the same Universe without being dependent upon the American crew. Cool.

Rachel Rising 33 - Welp. I have no idea. It was beautiful and she seems powerful. But like most issues of Terry Moore's latest series, it feels woefully short and full of beautiful panels that are obviously joys to pencil and provide a wonderful look at an artistic process, but do little to actually move the story forward. It feels like a quarter of a chapter at most.

Secret Wars 1 - Well that was cool. Not exactly a promising start for either universe, but I guess that's the point, isn't it? It was good. We saw Doom to start and Reed to end. We saw evil Reed and we saw the Cabal and the (seemingly) obvious end of everything Ultimate. It's a start, but nothing more for now.

Spider-Gwen 4 - It is, at last, at least, finding its feet. This is a title that can be so much more than a one-off joke and I'm hopeful that we'll get some real development while it's around. On the other hand, it can't be around forever, so let's get some sort of plan. If we've got Peter and the Parkers, the Stacys, Frank Castle, the Kingpin and Matt, the Vulture and a few other cameos, I feel like we're good on main characters. That doesn't mean we have to avoid nods, but let's go somewhere. Here, it starts. She's back in the band, she's lecturing kids, she's visiting with the Parkers and there are people on her side. Let's go.

Book of the week goes to Angel and Faith. Meh.

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