Monday, April 27, 2015

comics for the week of 4/15/15 & 4/22/15.

I missed a week, so I'm just combining them. I have no idea what came out when because I've been trying to read ALL of the Convergence titles, but I think I'm done with that. For the most part, they've been shit. I mean, there was some solid gold the first week, but since then I've really only liked Aquaman and Superboy with the Legion.

All New X-Men 40 - Welp. That was weird. And I get what they're trying to do, differentiate all these kiddos, so they can stick around and so they can be unique and justified, but it still felt really weird to have at least a third of the issue dedicated to a fourth-wall-esque conversation about how it's okay that Bobby's gay when his older self isn't. I mean, call me old fashioned, but I think the best way to deal with someone being gay is to just say they are and move on. The more you need to justify it, the less authentic it feels. And then we had basically the same thing come from Angel's mouth, about some transformation that almost none of us know about because we didn't read that last shittastic crossover? So, yeah, I get the intent. They're unique. They don't have to go home, because we don't know them and getting to know them will be worthwhile. But it doesn't actually feel that way when it's so forced. Bendis is overwriting, yet again, and the new Jean, while the least focused on since the beginning of the series (when she was WAY too focused upon) is now just casually reading people's minds and telling them what they really are, and she seems like a ticking time bomb moreso now than ever before. But we won't get that storyline. Because we've already had it, when it didn't feel relevant. So now we're stuck.

Buffy 14 - Hm. Well. That And weird. I don't remember Buffy being so gung ho for the way way way back retcon as this seems to go. It's not that it's bad, it's just...different? This is a lot of mythologizing. And the big bad seems to be making an early appearance and an early battle. While Spike will certainly get out of his last page cliffhanger dilemma, it still seems like they've got him on the ropes quite early. Will there be a classic Buffy twist? Or are we just seeing him early, taking an early lead and then the last battle will be bigger? I don't know. But the majority of this issue seemed like a genuine attempt to get a look at Spike's past and to justify the new Buffy/Spike relationship, which is cool. I'm fine with them being together (quite a change from my first time viewing the series, where I tore my eyes out at the thought) because they're good for each other, but most of all because it changes the dynamic of the book in an important way. Buffy's been alone (and in bad relationships) for long enough. Let's do something new and great with her character - this is a great place to start.

Hawkeye 2 - While I'm disappointed that Fraction's incredible run still isn't done, this book is more than making up for it. I picked up issue 1 on a whim (and a recommendation) and thought it was good, but this issue really ups the ante. Of course, the diversity in the art (between the flashbacks and the current story) is incredible - I had to look (AGAIN) to verify it was the same person using vastly different techniques. But the story is cool too. I'm hopeful that we're getting official canon placement of Clint as hard of hearing (or even deaf) and that it'll bleed over to the "superhero" mode of the Marvel U - the Avengers, etc. But even better, we have the Swordsman, we have Barney and Clint as kids, and we have Kate Bishop back next to Clint, making wonderful, wonderful mistakes.

Mind MGMT 32 - Duncan and Perrier's adventures to try to find allies for Meru's war against the Eraser...and none of it goes their way. But along the way, we see some truly incredible interactions, mainly between our two main characters. While the guys and gals they visit to try to recruit are amazing in their own ways (none moreso than the Immortal who's punished for sitting out of this war) the real meat of this issue comes from Perrier working on a method to counteract Duncan's abilities - ostensibly to make their team up more effective. But it's incredible to read the sidebars and see Duncan's abilities working on a micro level, too. There's just so much in this book that's carefully plotted out. I mean, the ideas behind why each person is where they are and how they got there; that's some great level storytelling. And, of course, the ending, with the two connecting is great. It was, perhaps, inevitable, but that doesn't make it bad in any way.

Thor 7 - It continues to not only be one of the best comics on the stands, but one of the most beautiful (which surely plays in to the overall goodness, so perhaps that was poorly phrased). The mystery of who the new Thor is certainly seems to be leaning toward Roz, but I'm hoping that's a red herring, not because I don't want it to be her, but because if it is, let's just be out with it. It looks like Thor called the whole list of suspects and they're there to back up Thor, and I didn't see Roz in the group, and we had that interlude with her, and her car is above Roxxon Island, so that certainly seems like where they're guiding us. But I dislike being led by the nose. Other than that, though, I loved the interaction between her and the Serpent God-controlled Destroyer, I liked Odinson's mom coming to clue him in, and I loved the internal monologue of Thor as she was facing down the Destroyer. This is a great superhero book. I hope she (whoever she is) stays Thor for a long, long time.

Book of the weeks goes to Mind MGMT.

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