Monday, April 13, 2015

comics for the week of 04/08/15.

I also read all of the first week of Convergence. Some was garbage, but there was some really, really good stuff in there, including Harley Quinn, Nightwing and Oracle, and Batgirl, although the art on that last one was truly bad.

Saga 27 - Guys, I just...I just...I just love everything about this book. That's all. I mean, seriously. It might be on pace to be my favorite book of all time? If not, this is one of the best single issues I've read in a long, long, long time. So good. Jesus. So, we have some serious insight into Marko's back story, we have Ghus playing the most baddest of the asses and we have a good revelation about Robot blood that seems like some intense seed planting for waaaaaay further down the road. And that's not even touching on the actual content of most of the story: we get to see Marko in a drug trip that reveals so much about him. His father, his mother, the war, Gwen, everyone's got a part to play. We also, of course, get the glimpse of Alana which is already a classic. The opening, too! Shit, the issue was so good, I forgot the beginning! God. Hilarious. Touching. The perfect comic book?

Ultimate Spider-Man 12 - Wow. What an ending. I'm curious whether this new power is something that will be followed up on, or if it was just a one-off since they knew they were sending him over to the 616. And speaking of that promo that got released, let me just say, again: GAAAAAAAAAANKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEE! WE CAN'T LEAVE HIM BEHIND. Add to that list: Cloak and Dagger, the Spider clone, the Aunt May triumvirate even to a degree, but especially the newly beloved Judge. There are so many awesome supporting characters in Miles' book that I even forgot in the above list to name his Dad. Guh. The book is great, even if the plausibility of Miles defeating Doom and a whole Hydra unit, no matter what this new special power is, is beyond any kind of belief. But the art was beautiful, as usual, and the dialogue was cute, as usual, and the book is amazing. Here's to hoping we get a whole lot more of this good stuff.

The Walking Dead 140 - Maggie can't kill Gregory. Jesus is just wrong on this one. Send him as a prisoner to the other camp. Period. The whisperers camp, on the other hand, was the contrary of what Alpha said: sure as shit looks like a settlement to me. Sure, maybe it's temporary, but these fools aren't nearly as independent as they'd like to think they are. But the whole issue was honestly overridden by that last page. I'm dead curious to find out what's going to happen there. The good thing about this book, at this point, is that there are so many different things going on that it actually feels like there's a lot of progress, even when there's very little, just because there are multiple storylines. That's a good thing.

Book of the week goes to Saga. Nothing can beat it, not even Miles' conclusion.

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