Wednesday, April 1, 2015

comics for the week of 03/25/15.

I'm also trying out the new Powers series, but I don't feel like I can say anything about it yet. It remains to be see if it will turn out to be the exact same story, yet again.

Daredevil 14 - Well, I hate that new costume (if it can even be called that) but I don't hate the reasons for it. This title is obviously ending soon, with Secret Wars coming up, and I wonder what note it will end on. Matt seems to be becoming a totally different person, which is cool in some aspects but worrying in others. California surely has changed him. But most importantly, Waid continues to push this great idea that Matt is actually blind. While it was almost laugh-inducing to see Matt all of a sudden hitting baseballs like a pro, it at least kinda made sense. And so did the ending. DD might be able to sniff out all the details of items that come from Alcatraz, but he can't see a simple emblem, and he might not be able to recognize it from Max's face, even if he had. (Can he "see" that scar? Or does he have no frame of reference for either?) This is good, as usual.

Invincible 118 - Allen's bodyguards are hilarious (looking), Oliver is amazing, and the new planet looks great! Oliver's girlfriend, on the other hand? I kept thinking he was going to tell his brother it was a joke! I mean, I get it, we're seeing aliens and maybe this is a purposeful step in that direction, but... Wow. That was weird for me. But then we got into the real meat of the issue. There's no doubt that this is a bold, new way forward. The book is definitely changing gears. Everything about the setting makes that clear. But the discussion between Eve and Mark totally changes the tone of what'll happen when Terra pulls through - she's obviously not going to die, even Kirkman's not that brutal. But I think she'll be changed by this, just like his parents have been changed now, too? Cool! Way to truly make something a game changer.

Multiversity: Ultra Comics 1 - I don't actually know how to process that. I'll wait to post a review on it until the last issue of Multiversity comes out. For now, it was interesting and a really good read, but they've not been connected in any way other than the overt "symbolic" ways and I'm not sure if it's actually telling one story at all, I mean, beyond the simple idea of one story being all the stories. And I get that, and I agree with it, but I'm not sure that it warrants the attention that it got/is getting at this point. I'll love to be proved wrong.

New Avengers 32 - Oh man, it was so awesome, it was everything I want my superhero comics to be: HUGE, dumb, kinda touching, and maybe too much of all of those things. Thor and Hyperion and the rest of the multiversal gang are lost in space, thinking they might get back, but they run into ... the Beyonders? Who look like Transformers in this current form? And's not like it's the best writing, but it's just the right note for a book like this. I'm waiting for the ultimate payoff to see what sticks and what's abandoned, but I hope this Thor gets to live, cuz man, some great things have been done with him. And if Hyperion gets to hang out with him, too, well, it certainly seems like they've developed more than just a friendship.

Spider-Gwen 2 - Better than the first one, if only because we get some more characterization. I mean, if this book is going to be a real book and not just a gimmick, we've got to care about these people. And Gwen and her dad, even Frank Castle and Matt Murdock get some better depth here. The Mary Janes are still an interesting angle, and I like the rivalry they're planting with the Black Cats posters in the backgrounds, but the obvious draw to this issue was the appearance of Spider-Ham. I wonder if he'll be a constant, or if it's just going to be this issue, where they thought they needed something more to keep people in. Regardless, it was fun and pretty well done. Still seems like it'll be a tough draw to make it something more than a one-off joke.

Thor 6 - Guuuuuuuuuuuh. The art is so goddamn pretty that it's hard to believe the story can be just as good if not better. I love that they're not just tossing out an answer to this question, but even more so, despite the cover, I love that it's not the central conceit of this series so far. Sure, we're all curious. Sure, the cover (to this issue only) is devoted to it. Sure, Thor's asking about it and the All Father is sending the Destroyer after an answer. But if that's all you're getting from this book, you're being foolish. There are so many cool things, including the touches in the art, not just the pure beauty of it, especially in the scenes with Jane Foster. The Heimdall close-ups of the eyes. The ongoing story arcs, the beats, hidden in his words. The references to Loki and Angela, both visually as well as verbally. This is an incredible example of what a comic book can be. Fuck people who don't like superhero books; give them this one, see what they say.

The Walking Dead 139 - There was probably more good stuff in this issue than there has been in the last three and they've all been pretty good. But these answers were a long time coming, so it's nice that we finally got to see Michonne. I also love the idea of what she's been doing - both the literal as well as the figurative. The issue was also obviously set up to make us think it was her from the get go, so that was a nice way to make it circular. Carl's stupid punk ass is also being set up in remarkable fashion to make some incredibly poor choices. Hooray for children.

Wytches 5 - That was cool! It continues to be really, really solid storytelling with incredible art by Jock. I like that things are almost truly wrapping up because I feel like we've got a real story. Obviously Mr. Rooks and Sailor are going to need to get out of the Cauldron to continue the story, but what does that mean for their lives going forward? (I'm assuming Mom will remember her kid, but if she doesn't that's a hell of another wrinkle.) Will the police officer he took out there die in order to let them keep living there under some kind of secret blanket? Will he live and they'll have to move, to be constantly on the run? Or will he live and they'll be engaged in active battles for the remainder of this book? I don't know, but I like it.

Book of the week goes to Thor. Maybe the best superhero book on the market right now?

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