Monday, March 23, 2015

comics for the week of 03/18/15.

March Madness is here!

All New X-Men 39 - This is bullshit. I know it's out of order now. The art is beautifully amazing and there was a cool moment between young Jean and young Scott, interrupted (I think?) by young Hank (but they're talking about Hank later and I can't imagine the old one is part of this bullshit crossover, so I have no idea because I'm not reading the rest of this bullshit arc) that was cool, but other than that, this is blah.

Buffy 13 - This book is really improving. I like the maturity with which the Spike and Buffy relationship is handled in the morning (after), I like Xander's logical reaction to Spike's story, and I like the layered references to Dr. Mike. (This feels like something sinister hiding in plain sight, so that'll be cool if we got the foreshadowing, but it's also something Buffy does just to throw something around, so it could be nothing.) The whole thing with Andrew felt more than a little bit like pandering to a certain section of the fans, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that. The gay audience probably has some issues with the Buffy comics, and they're probably not off base. But the good news was that something happened with the vampy bunch while Spike was locked up, so the Scoobies are pretty certain it's not him. Which is good, because it helps to continue with the mature approach that works so well. We've ruled out one thing, let's move on to the next. The art was still a bit cartoon-y for my taste, but it worked well enough.

Mint MGMT 31 - Well, what we missed in margin notes we got made up in the extraordinary meta-level of the comic book within the comic book, composed by Meru, serving as a guide for herself, her editor, the reader, and, possibly, the enemy? This book is incredible, the way that it functions on so many planes. The best panel, obviously, was the one with Meru and Lyme and the field of roses, with its Arthurian allusions. Great, great great stuff. I'm bummed this is coming to a close, but I can't wait until it's all done to pick up all the hardcovers and give it a re-read all at once. Next issue we'll see things from the other side?

The Private Eye 10 - Whoah. That was fucked up. We got the unhappiest possible ending of all possible endings. I mean, I thought having the rug pulled out from underneath me and having to root for the bad guy at the end was a hell of a trip, but they went even farther. The hope that Gramps leaves us with is nice, but it's a fool's hope, especially given that we probably won't revisit this universe. It's nice to see Raveena's progress and Gramps surviving, but there's not much more that's happy from this ending. And that's not bad at all. The book was a success in every conceivable measure. I, for one, couldn't be happier to have paid for all of this and that it exists. Highest possible recommendation.

Book of the week goes to The Private Eye. What an incredible experiment and how lovely to get these results.

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