Monday, March 16, 2015

comics for the week of 03/11/15.

I heard tons of great stuff about D4VE, so I picked all of them up digitally instead of waiting for the print versions that my friends are getting through IDW. I've also been advised by Dave to check out the Flash TV show and the Season Zero digital comics that coincide with that, so those'll probably be added next week.

All New X-Men 37 - I honestly have no idea what's happening here anymore. Did I miss the conclusion of that story that I didn't like? Where are these guys coming from? That aside, though, this was a solid issue. It's always about the characters, and Jean Grey has always been one of the most rich. And Emma Frost, ever since Morrison, has truly become one. Sure, at times, she's regressed to a one-dimensional being, but most of the time, she's been good since then. And this pairing offers a lot of potential. The art was just different enough to still be good, and the back and forths, not only with Emma and Jean, but also with Jean and the Blob, were solid. Young Jean has a ton of room for growth in this universe.

D4VE 1 & 2 - I'm not sure. It was fun, yeah, but not a lot more than that. I mean, I get that it's just a basic story with the robots as the humans, and there's some great humor in it, but I just don't see it going somewhere that I actually care about. 1 was an interesting premise, 2 didn't follow through much. The idea of the son is a good one, but he's more annoying than anything, and every character basically felt that way in the second issue: the wife got more one-dimensional, the boss was worthless, even D4VE came across as a fat old man trying to relive the flory days.

East of West 18 - Hm, that was different than the ending that I thought I saw coming. I thought Orion was there to take the blind fold off? But clearly that's not the case. As always, I'm a little lost. I loved seeing some of the past, too, though I wasn't really clear on if the bit with Death and Mao was contemporary or not. The kid's going to be the Beast. There's no way around that. It all just depends on how much of the world he truly sees before he fills that role that will tell us how it's going to actually turn out. Beautiful stuff, as always.

New Avengers 31 - Huh. I wonder if this was always the plan? Doom is Rabum Alal? Or if Doom simply saw opportunity, swept in, disposed of Alal and is posing? I don't know. Neither make much sense. But with all these reveals, it's clear that the end of this story is truly coming and that things are going to change in a rather large way. When we first saw Dr. Strange, post-giving up of his soul, it seemed like he hadn't changed much. But here, leading the Black Priests in war against the White Swans (who, ironically, are called Black Ladies by the Priests? That was weird...) and then invading the library, he seems like a totally changed man. This is Strange in a setting and as a character that befits his large stature. The conflicts on Earth have always seemed rather beneath him. If Marvel is going to go bonkers cosmic, this is where he should remain, so he can have some sense of gravitas.

Rachel Rising 32 - Yeah, that was cool. Different. Largely narration. But an interesting approach to an issue. The experiments with the narration boxes were cool. The flash via Rachel was something we've seen before, but it was well done, too. But mostly, I feel like this is set up for some of the LARGER picture. Terry Moore might be showing some ambition again?

Ultimate Spider-Man 11 - Aw man, next issue is the final issue? They really are going to kill the Ultimate Universe? Really? After all this caring about Ganke and Miles' dad and building Dr. Doom into a credibly awesome, totally different version of himself? Poop. I can't believe it. I DON'T believe it. I don't believe they'd spend all this time developing these characters just to throw them away. Whatever the end result of the next big Marvel event (I honestly don't even know what to call it anymore: Battle World? Secret Wars? Crisis on Infinite Marvel Earths?) is, I can't believe that it will result in there being merely one universe in the Marvel Multiverse. I've got to think this, not only because I love this book and these characters, but because they just introduced Spider-Gwen! So, with those frantic shouts, aside, yet another great issue of this series. Miles wakes up in jail, but a HYDRA jail, and he's talked down from his bold threats in a rather mature manner. I wish I saw more interactions go this way. He's smart, he knows. Speaking on that, their ex-roomie knows, too, so either that's going to come into play next issue, or it's merely setting the stage for the next arc of this book - BECAUSE IT'S OBVIOUSLY GOT TO CONTINUE! Katie does her best to make a rational case, but there's no possibility that continues, because Miles knows what HYDRA actually means.

The Walking Dead 138 - Carl Grimes is a little boy who fell in love with the first girl who fucked him. He's stupid, and he's a cliche. We all knew he was going after them. But the community is far more important than any one person, especially Carl, but even Rick or Maggie. I hope they leave him out there to die. I want to focus on Gregory and the two towns and hang out with the people who've made progress for a while. But, honestly, not a bad issue.

Book of the week goes to Ultimate Spider-Man. In a week full of strange surprises or disappointing books, this one stands out for consistently being better than I thought it would be, even when I think it's going to be good.

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