Tuesday, March 10, 2015

comics for the week of 03/04/15.

Daylight Saving Time is about to screw us over all over again.

Angel and Faith 11 - Fun. Not much more. We're digging deep into some of the more mythic backstory that we didn't really care about in the beginning, so I'm not sure why they'd think we care about it now? I mean, Illyria is awesome and all, and Koh was a fun side character, but I'm not compelled by any aspect of this, other than the one that got the brush off: the reunion between Angel and Faith. Plus, with that cover (not just the art, but the text), I thought we were all but assured of some more major stuff! But that's fine. It's a long game.

Avengers 42 - It certainly seems like it's all been building toward this. Geez. The Shi'ar are coming to kill Earth. The Avengers are building Noah's Arc. The evil Reed and the Cabal are going to storm over the Multiverse. And Cyclops...is...up to...something? Good Lord, there's a lot of stuff happening. This was the clearest issue in a while but it still felt like only a puzzle piece. It wasn't bad in any way, but I'm still not sure where this is actually going to take us. I feel like the last three years of the entire Marvel Universe will have to be retroactively judged after 3-4 more years have passed and we've seen the aftermath of Battle Worlds, Secret Wars and whatever's beyond that horizon. If it's a small reboot, that'll work, because the Marvel stories have always had that sliding timeline. But if it's a larger or harder one, that'll be tough to swallow. I look forward to seeing where it's gonna go.

Black Science 12 - That was a lot of fun and I'm glad that I'm not just reading it in trades because this might have been the best single issue of this series so far. The iterations keep coming and I honestly have no idea which version of all of these characters we're actually dealing with, but I don't think I care either. It's great to see the gang together, even if it's splintered from the first issue we saw, because there's obviously larger themes at work here. The only real goodness (at least, that we've not yet seen) from this issue was the revelation (if you can even call it that?) about Rebecca (if that's her name?) and how she's got a double role, just like everyone else.

Hawkeye 1 - This was a nice pick up from the Aja/Fraction book. There's tons of strong thematic connections, but it also does a great job of demonstrating that it'll be its own book. The colors are gorgeous in the flashback sections and the whole feel is right, tonally: he's got hearing problems in the past and the present, his brother is a huge part of his life, his relationship with Kate is complicated, but he's still just mostly concerned with trying to do the right thing. The references to the larger Marvel Universe as a whole feel right, too. It's a lot of fun and I can't see myself skipping it any time soon. But I'm still waiting for the old arc to actually finish. (And for that inevitable hardcover collecting all of it.)

Saga 26 - That was a lot of heartache followed by a last page of terrible heartache. Basically, this book feels like it delights in ripping my heart out. But here's something fun that I noticed: we're basically, at this point, following the adventures of three different (maybe four?) families, all pulled together not by blood but by circumstances. It's an incredible feat and I didn't even see it coming; how BKV managed to get the book to this point this quickly will always be something that astounds me. Obviously the little seal is a great addition, but the adventure with the dragons is turning out great, and we see some superb narration from Hazel cluing us in that the robot resistance fighter is going to have some rather large regrets. It's sooooo good.

Universe 2 - It's 41 pages of goodness from an indie creator on an indie site where you can pay what you want. And while I didn't pay for the first one because I wanted to just try it out as opposed to trusting in BKV and the Private Eye, this one is MORE than worth paying for. Not just to support the afore-mentioned ideas, but because the book was cool! A novel take on an old concept, there's a lot of rich ground for this book, especially if it's going to be this anthology-style approach that we've seen thus far. I loved the idea of that variety of models, and I liked the consistency of travel that we saw from issue 1 to 2. It was clear Alan was to blame when he hopped in that ship but I certainly didn't see quite where it was going. The mall guy was fun, too, not just in the conclusion, but in the introduction most of all.

Book of the week goes to Saga. It's just head and shoulders above everything else.

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