Monday, February 23, 2015

comics for the week of 02/18/15.

If winter is coming, we can't tell in ABQ.

Buffy 12 - Happy with the Spike and Buffy story, unhappy with literally everything else in this issue. The art is just not a fit. And the section with Andrew was confusing in every little way. He's only comfortable being gay when he's a huge superhero, prone to over-explaining everything in dialogue, just like he's one of Sweet's wooden puppets? That's a bad look for a character who deserves more respect than he gets. The Xander/Dawn relationship is coming alone nicely, I like that we can see the little, natural things. But Giles is being played up too much as a kid (WE GET IT) and Willow got no shine at all in this whole issue. Obviously, Spike's dream is not just a dream, so this is going to go some interesting places, but I hate that Buffy doesn't get a chance just to honestly be happy and have some complication-free romance. I know that's a part of what drives the story, but... We'll see where it goes from here.

Fables 149 - I'll be honest: I wanted more from this issue. But I guess they're saving everything for the end. It looks like we got an end to the Brandish/Lancelot duel, but I hope that's not actually it. We see Rose's backstory finally fully fleshed out, and we see those evil urges appear to totally take her over. We get Boy Blue playing the ace up the sleeve role, and we see Snow preparing for the end. But really, everything is coming down to the next issue and that's all there is to it.

Invincible 117 - Certainly an interesting issue, but I didn't really care for the name of the baby. I get the motivation and I get how some people will think it's cute, but it wasn't for me. Other than that, though, we got a lot of really solid characterization of some cool folks. Mark and Eve saying goodbye was taken differently, depending on who they were telling and what reasons (i.e. how truthful they were being) were given; that's a sign of good variety. The interactions with his parents and her parents, while a bit thin on her part (as usual, they're just stereotypes, but it's not horrible) were cool to see, too. I'm intrigued by the idea that they might stay out in space for a while, though, too. We'll see if that happens.

Multiversity: The Mastermen 1 - Well that was the weirdest and the worst of the Multiversity titles thus far. Lee's art was awful, even when it was good, and Morrison seemed unable to connect this story to the rest of the larger themes. Maybe I'll look back when it's all done and have more of an appreciation, but for now I think it was a complete waste of time.

Ultimate Spider-Man 10 - It was so playful! The whole time! Not just the Spidey-villains dialogue. Not just the Spidey-Cloak and Dagger dialogue. Not just the cool, adult conversation at the beginning that was still lovely playful. Not just awesome Ganke (WHO MUST BE SAVED IF THE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE IS DOOMED! HE MUST BE!) not being embarrassed and giving Miles good advice. But the WHOLE ISSUE. Until the end. Where it turned super serious, super quickly. Man. That was awesome. It's just nice to have an issue where it feels like things are fun and playful and still have it mean quite a bit. I'm curious to see if Katie is a spy or just not a true believer, but it certainly seems like my theory about her dad maybe being undercover is shot to hell at this point. Which I'm cool with. It's giving us some awesome lines. I just wish we had more time here. It definitely seems like we don't. Which is a bummer. There's so many good things about this line and this book in particular.

Book of the week goes to Ultimate Spider-Man. In a week full of weak issues, I was surprised by this, but the books that I thought were going to kill just kinda sputtered while Miles got to have a lot of fun.

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