Monday, February 16, 2015

comics for the week of 02/11/15.

Drake dropped a new mixtape and it's NBA All-Star Weekend. Times are good.

All New X-Men 36 - Well, that was fun and I'm happy we got to see it, but it really does feel like we're just kind of in this place holder style with most of the Marvel books at this point. I don't want to see young Hank McCoy become some kind of evil guy, twisted by Bendis into the mea culpa for this whole mess. It certainly seems like that's where the cliffhanger is leading, but there was so much good to the issue: Miles getting his kiss, the good guys beating Doom, blowing up the castle, the alternate realities (esp. the one with Apocalypse and his horsemen!) and the resolution of a new mutant who conveniently opens up holes to new dimensions right about the time that they're all supposed to be going away. We'll see what happens with her.

Rachel Rising 31 - We're always getting hints about some rather large big bad in this series, but this issue seemed to be the most conclusive in presenting the case that maybe it's Zoe the story is actually about. I mean, Rachel seems like she's going to be a weapon, at best, to use against him? Aunt Johnny's out on the case and there are some smaller bads lurking as well, unless they're all tied together, which is obviously totally possible, given the nature of this book. Another cool issue.

Thor 5 - I love when comic creators address the criticism head on, which is definitely what the first five (ish) pages of this issue felt like. I mean, some of Titania's words were exactly what we heard from fanboys before the series debuted, verbatim. That being said, I'm not sure she'd just lay down for Thor. No matter what. But after that cool intro, we had ourselves a wacky as hell issue. I mean, Odin looks like he's losing his mind. Honestly. There's no rhyme or reason to his being this frivolous nor to his fearsome dedication to tasks that are, in reality, beneath him. Also, I know the story obviously demands it, but to dampen his omnipotence and his runes (and all the other methods) seems to be a poor step to take in servicing the story - just change the story slightly! The real enemy here seems to be some malevolent presence in the All-Father's head, because he's certainly not himself and that's going to be the big bad that's gonna come back to bite everyone. Other than that, the discussion between Sif and Odinson was all right, but the discussion between the All-Mother and Thor was way better. Good stuff. I want to find out who she is.

The Walking Dead 137 - So, Jesus is smart, Maggie is not as careful as she should be, and Carl's gonna get deflowered by some freaky bitch. Man, that girl is weird. Seriously. I mean, it's not just been this issue. Every time she's spoken, she's said things that are seriously jacked up and the adults are responding the way they should be, but Carl is acting like he's a little kid. (Which, I guess, he can be, certainly if hormones are affecting him, but...) It feels like I say this with every issue of TWD but I'm excited for next issue. I want to see something really happen, though.

Book of the week goes to Thor. Even a filler artist can't dampen the shine on this series.

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