Monday, January 26, 2015

comics for the week of 01/21/15.

I'm also keeping track of (and liking) the Spider-Verse stuff, but I've got a couple questions: why do you think people are OK with this and hated Maximum Clonage? Why are they OK with this but hated JMS' The Other storyline? And what's going to happen for Spidey coming out of Secret Wars and the "destruction" of the Marvel Universe?

All New X-Men 35 - Well, that was fun and I know why Bendis is in love with this frame story format, but it really falls flat when we've seen it from him 68,000 times. There's no doubt Miles will survive, so why try to set that up as the hook and the cliffhanger? I mean, if it's just the cliffhanger, cool, that's just typical comic book formula. But when you get greedy? Well then, all the cool, fun stuff in the middle just feels like filler. And it really does at this point. Because the story has taken such an odd amount of time, it comes across like Bendis is just a terrible plotter. "Here's how much time you have before Secret Wars." "OK, so I'll do 6 issues of set up, 1 issue where EVERYONE is miraculously rescued from their circumstances which seemed IMPOSSIBLE before, and then 1 issue of conclusion." "Sounds great." Anyway, shit-talking aside, there was a lot of fun stuff in here, mainly the Bobby on Bobby action (again) and X-23's conscience. The Jean Greys helping each other was cool too.

Buffy 11 - We got a feeling it was coming and now it's here. I wonder how people will react? If it's a (semi-)permanent move, I'll feel better about it. (The semi's in there because it's rare that anything lasts forever in a comic book about a show about vampires.) But if it's just another red herring then this book is making a bad habit of those. I'm not a huge fan of the art in this issue and I'm bummed to hear that she'll be on for the whole arc. It's not that it was bad, per se, it was just a bit too cartoony for me. It fit with the speed dating bit, but the rest was just bit off kilter. Love how we get to see everyone coming along, but feel bad for Dawn and Xander. It doesn't seem like they're getting back together at this point. Willow's in an interesting place and Spike's got some cool stuff happening with both the kitten callback as well as the police work moving forward.

Fables 148 - Goddamnit, we still don't get the answers! I thought this issue was finally going to clear up the Rose Red and Snow White origin, but we only get half the story (if even that much!) so I guess we'll have to wait for another month - or maybe even both of the remaining issues. It was compelling, compelling reading and I was frantically turning pages, hoping for some kind of resolution before the end of the issue. For me, that's all you can ask for from a comic. I'm loving how this series is turning super dark in it's ending, but even more, I'm loving how all the stories still have so much more to play out. The "Last Stories" that have filled each of the issues for this storyline have been cute, if sometimes annoying interruptions of the main storyline. But in this issue, it was the first time that I actually saw them for what they are: extensions, sometimes into millennia of the future. The theme of Fables, then, is that these stories DON'T, in fact, end, even when issue 150 hits and it's billed as the end. While that makes me feel immensely better in the meta context, I'm still going to be super bummed when Fables is no longer a monthly title.

Invincible 116 - I loved the way this issue was done, including the sequences of the fight between Thragg and Battle Beast. I also loved the progression we saw with everyone (including I guess the regression of Eve's parents, who seem to be totally off the rails at this point, moreso than I ever remember seeing them portrayed as) but especially Mark and his dad. They're really digging into roles that are rather complex, and it's mainly because they've got larger responsibilities to deal with. We saw it with Nolan at the beginning of the series, when he was torn between his Earth love and his Viltrumite duty, but the leadership has really moved him as a character. And the opening, of course, was perfect. I love the way the people of Earth are responding to the new status quo, mainly because I imagine that's how they would? Solid entry. I hope this background fighting goes on for a few more issues so we have to imagine the scope of the battle rather than shortchange it.

Book of the week goes to Fables. 148 issues and I'm still feeling like it's going to be gone before it's time. What an amazing book.

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