Monday, January 19, 2015

comics for the week of 01/14/15.

I also read that weird ass Avengers interlude that's happening infrequently, but I didn't understand why I'm supposed to care about any of that.

Avengers 40 - Wow, so are we going to get Black Panther as the new Namor? I mean, that was a damn cold blooded move. And the role that Black Bolt played, well, I don't really get that. (Also, just as a side note, could Namor really survive Black Bolt's whisper, much less a scream [and isn't there supposed to be no difference?], because that really bumps up his power levels in my mind.) I'm not sure that I buy into the concept of Steve just stopping his campaign because Sue said they should listen or on the appearance of Namor and Black Bolt, but the story needed them all together, so...sure. And last but not least, I love the Roberto and Sam angle as the new comic relief, if only for the great line it gave toward Beast. Good stuff, especially with the Cabal now being out of the picture, but still available if need be. I'm curious now where we're moving next; does Reed have a plan to stop them, or was this just a power move at the only time they saw it as possible? Will everyone be working together now that they know what needs to be done?

Daredevil 12 - This was actually my least favorite issue of the series so far, but not for any of the actual story reasons. It just felt way too cheesy. It felt like a 70s issue of Daredevil where we can see anything and everything happening for no good reason. Character needs super strength? OK, all of a sudden they have it. Next panel doesn't work if they're super strong? OK, it's gone. Too scattered. The base story, with the Stuntmaster wanting to go out on top, and the development of Matt and Kirsten's relationship, was good at its core. But all the superfluous stuff on top, especially the motorcycle and chase sequences made it feel a bit slimy.

Star Wars 1 - Meh. It was fine. I didn't dislike any part of it, except the ending. It's not for me, though, so I'll not continue with it. I'm happy there will be Star Wars comics for people who are into them.

Ultimate Spider-Man 9 - Not just a fun issue, but a fantastic one, once again mainly because of the art. While it's interesting to get Miles' dad's backstory (Jefferson?) the biggest thing is the shift in art from decades old to modern times. It's incredible how this works. And the Nick Fury involvement with Kingpin and Toad and MGH and SHIELD - it's all building an increasingly richer history for Miles. I love it. I love his character and I'm interested to see where it goes from here.

The Walking Dead 136 - Well, there was practically no action in this one and I couldn't really bring myself to care about much of what anyone said, so I think I'm siding with Nick Bennett: it's getting worse. I still hold out hope that next issue will be better, but I don't give a shit about Carl and his friendship with Lydia. I don't care about the plot to kill him. I don't care about the new whisperers and their shitty plot to attack one of the towns. There's no way any of it should work and it all feels the same. Bummer.

Book of the week goes to Avengers. Everything else was middling to bad with the exception of Spidey, so the long story with the jokes gets the honors.

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