Monday, January 12, 2015

comic for the week of 01/07/15.

Welcome to the new year. The second week in a row with only one book. It's the new norm for me, sadly. I did, however, check out the new Ant-Man #1 and it was fun. It has a Hawkeye-like feel, which could be cool. I'll stick with it for a while, see if they can keep it up.

Angel and Faith 10 - Huh. Well that was a hell of an ending. I just figured it was going to be Faith and I was disappointed; where would the shock be in that? But nope. I got what I was asking for. A shocker. The art in this series is phenomenal and the story was OK. As far as conclusions go, it did everything it needed to do, even if there were some cheesy lines. That's fine. I like the direction the magic guru is going because I didn't trust her, especially when it seemed like her goal was coinciding with Amy's and she was going to bring Willow in, but now I'm rolling over to her side a bit. I'm still wary, but she's a great addition to the cast of characters, I hope we can keep her around and utilize her more so than the vanished Koh. Good work, looking forward to the next one.

No book of the week when there's only one.

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