Monday, December 29, 2014

comics for the week of 12/24/14.

I hope everyone had an excellent holiday season. They're all done now, it's the end of the year.

Black Science 11 - All right, this is finally the end for me. I can't read this in singles. It's just too big. Too confusing. It was another GREAT issue, but I can't take the backtracking, trying to figure out where I left everything. The art's great, there's a multiverse and an onion and so many different factions and it's all good, but I can't do singles anymore. Hooray for one of the best new series of the year. I'll see you again when you're available in chunks.

Buffy 10 - We finally get a clue as to the Big Bad, but I've still got no idea. It was nice to take an issue off, though, and, as usual, it happens with Harmony. Clem gets the big, awesome role in this issue, though, because even as Harm was narrating, we all knew there was no chance any of that was going to happen. Her fantasies were pretty in tune with what I'd think Harmony from the show would want, and Clem is perfectly in tune with how he was in the show, too, right down to the unicorns. Xander and Spike have a perfect conversation that Buffy overhears (and seems sad about?) and walks away from. I'm still waiting to see if there'll be an intersection between this book and its sister book, but given that Angel and Faith aren't even together in their own book, I'm not sure how that'll happen, unless it relates (circle time!) back to the Big Bad that we finally have an allusion to. I like the Soul Glutton sticking around in a bit part and I feel like we've seen both of the demons he was with before, even if I don't remember them. I was expecting to be disappointed by this issue, but the Buffyverse has usually done unexpectedly well with the vacation issues.

Daredevil 11 - A fun little diversion and right along with the tone of this new Daredevil book, but I found myself caring less than usual. Maybe it's because I don't have fond memories of Evel Knievel or maybe I just thought it should have been a one-off issue. It was fun, no doubt, especially the sections with Kirsten, Foggy and Matt recapping the old DD days. I still love the new place setting of DD in SF and I'm a huge fan of Samnee's art, but this issue was below par.

Mind MGMT 29 - The page showing Meru flashing back consecutively (except one panel!) constructing her distraction device was awesome. But the real incredible nature of the issue was the amazing progress of Meru. This arc has been all about her becoming what she could have been the whole time. And although her battle with the Eraser ends in a dissatisfying way, it's not like Meru lost. So there's a could more stories to tell (awesome, of course) and there'll be at least one more big battle. I like Meru taking control and I think there's some room to stretch over the finale of Mind MGMT in fact coming back, with Meru as its head. With the Politician story we've been getting in the back, in fact, it looks like that's an inevitability. With her psychic paper and umbrella in hand, Meru's going to have one last crack at her enemy; but after next issue's break of giving us the backstory of the Eraser.

New Avengers 28 - Cool! It's happening! It's all going down! We've got some momentum! And...I'm still not quite sure where we're going. But I love the Reed narration from the last issue carrying over to this one, but not until the middle. I love the reintroduction of the alterna-Hulk. I was sad to see Spidey on the side of weird Avengers yet again; you'd think he'd learned his lesson - maybe he just thinks it's a Tony vs. Steve thing and he was just duty-bound to switch it up? But now it's time to move forward. We've got some great revelations at the end (hello Namor) and we've got some serious possibilities with all the targets being held by Susan - how's she going to get rid of them? One by one and lock them up? One by one and recruit? Just shove them all together into some holding cell? That seems like an exceedingly poor idea. Now, we just need to find Tony.

Book of the week goes to Mind MGMT. This is what potential (almost) fully tapped feels like.

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