Tuesday, September 2, 2014

comics for the week of 08/27/14.

I saw Boyhood. Everyone else should, too.

All New X-Men 31 - Celeste's remark was hilarious, the art was atrocious and I just don't find myself caring at all. Even with the introduction of a cool new mutant, with the power to jump across universes and the cool ending where we find ourselves where we were in the beginning (not the 616) it just doesn't feel like it did once upon a time. Maybe it's just the art. I'm gonna hang in for a while, because I like Iceman, but all the other concepts feel like crazily old retreads. Jean's crazy, she might destroy everything. Hank is curious. Warren isn't an angel, he's just Angel, a force for good. Bobby is stupid on purpose and will eventually regret not tapping his potential. I've seen it before. It felt like they had a chance to do something new, but they're wasting it. Maybe the Ultimate Universe field trip will revitalize that chance.

Avengers 34 - That was an end worth waiting for. Any time I get to see Iron Lad and Kang and Immortus all in one place, it's damn worthwhile. (I also want to reflect, now that Cap's journey through time and the Multiverse is done, how DC-like Marvel is becoming in the hands of Jonathan Hickman, and how much better it is than any of the concepts DC has tried out with their variations in a long, long time. I'm happy that I stuck with this story. I'm certainly not going to claim that I understand all of it or that I definitely know where it's going, but it's great.) Anyway, Cap gets to talk with a compatriot of his and his elder versions and we finally get the reveal of what older Hawkeye said to him. We see him reliably nifty shield trick yet again and he arrives back in the present to set all the Avengers on the course of tracking down not just Stark but all of the Illuminati. In New Avengers, though, we see that they're all sufficiently racked with guilt and they didn't even fight the last incursion, but rather that Namor and the Cabal have taken up that cause. So, will the Illuminati go down quietly, realizing they were wrong. Will they then try to get Cap to go after Namor, knowing that he's got to be the one responsible? Will Strange be there at all? (His disappearance still has not been noted thus far.) I don't know but I'm excited to have some answers. And we're getting there. And it's awesome.

Black Science 8 - Beautiful and moves the story forward. What more can you ask for in a comic? Oh, you want it to be meaningful in a long term way? Yup, this has got that in spades, too. The switch in narration that we've gone through in this series has been a great boon and getting to spend the whole issue with the kids was neat, too. (Aside from, of course, the backstory of the suddenly-English speaking shaman, who gives us our series title.) Kadir's not such a bad guy and I honestly feel bad for him, getting blackballed the way he is. More importantly, though, I'm worried about his fate when the kids (inevitably) return. There's going to be a serious schism and I'm not sure how it's all going to play out. However, I will say this: they're pushing Grant's death awfully hard, which makes me think he's not actually dead. I wouldn't put money on it, but I won't be surprised when (if) it happens.

Mind MGMT 25 - I know they billed last month's issue as the perfect jumping on point, but this one felt more like it. It gave us plenty of recap but also pushed us forward. I thought the margins were really pushing us toward not trusting Kevin (was that Duncan's friend's name?) but at the end it seemed as though he'd given Meru legit advice. However, every time I think something in this series is straight forward, it turns out to be at least a double cross, so that could obviously come back to haunt me. I liked how this arc is called the Eraser, but we didn't really see her in this issue - or did we? There's a lot happening in the foreground as well as the background of this whole work, so there will always be questions. But for now, I'm content in thinking that neither Duncan nor Lyme are dead while mourning Bill. Dusty doesn't FEEL dead just yet since his army came to Meru's rescue in this issue and he'll certainly have at least one more part to play. This is great, great, great stuff.

Saga 22 - Well isn't that just horrible. Man. BKV really upping the ante on making people believe that the death of this relationship is real and giving equal blame to both sides. It does seem to me that Alana's got some more horrible stuff going on, but Marko's response to her questions is inappropriate, even if his actions might not have been (yet). Meanwhile, Grandma either knows something is up or was warning of something far worse, because I don't believe that this deterioration, regardless of how bad it gets, is the worst thing the family's going to go through very soon. The biggest part of this issue (pun totally intended) though, was King Robot. And boy did he live up to his name. That massive screen was perfect, IV's submission to him, but his devious side-dealings, and the reporters seeing something in the play were all great sidelines, too. Love this book.

Book of the week goes to Mind MGMT. It's a rare occasion when something can overtake Saga, so I'll happily go with Kindt this time.

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