Wednesday, June 18, 2014

comics for the week of 06/11/14.

I also read Figment 1 for @mfeige. It was cute and reminded me of my childhood, but isn't really in my wheelhouse.

All New X-Men 28 – Well, that's neat. The bad guys used a trick that the fanboys have talked about for years now. So that's cool. But I'm not sure how much farther this can go. Raze was already saying that they were going to go back to when he was one and Xavier was just born, and now we find out they're on their second attempt. So yeah, technically, they have at least 364 more tries, but I'm not sure that's a realistic possibility in any way. First of all, the story would be ridiculously boring. Second of all, how much farther back can they get in writing letters to themselves if the idea just occurred to them and then they get the letter? They can always plant the idea earlier, but they'll be less and less experienced, less and less ready to take the fight to that level. On a more realistic note, the idea of taking out Jean Grey first is a good one, but I'm not sure how she turns the tables. Either X-23's arrival is merely fortuitous, or Jean's trick is calling to X-23, or BMB is planting more and more seeds regarding Jean's eventual turn as the Phoenix. She's getting way too powerful, way too quickly. I don't see good things coming from that, even given the new X-Babies' eventual and inevitable triumph over Xavier's latest, greatest model of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

New Avengers 19 – The Avengers versus the Justice League! doesn't really come down to that until the last page. What it truly comes down to is Namor acting like Namor and the rest of the Illuminati trying to convince both the Justice League and themselves that they're not the monsters they've already become. Additionally, we get an interesting conversation between Bruce and Beast, wherein we lay some seeds for Hank McCoy becoming the heart of this dastardly group. Namor's embrace of his nature is admirable in a way, but the line that resonated the most was the comment about rationalizing mass murder – it's true and I think it's what Hickman's ultimately been building to which leaves me wondering: what's the aftermath? Original Sin is playing into this, the Hulk and Cap both have legitimate beefs against the Illuminati...Are we merely going toward another Dark Reign? Is something coming that's going to foist another level of heroes into the spotlight, since these ones are so flawed? I don't really know.

The Walking Dead 128 – Meh. I do actually think things are different and I like this new direction. I'm not one who thought last issue was a cop out. I just don't find anything too compelling about this storyline. My hope is that the new group plays the reverse expectations game and flips when they find out nothing's wrong with Rick's group. That would be a true twist. But I'm worried that it's just more paranoia stacked on even more paranoia and that there's not a lot original going on here. Which is fine, it's established what it is.

Book of the week goes to All New X-Men. Time travel is fun, Beast is important and Xaviers are always ruining things.

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