Monday, June 9, 2014

comics for the week of 06/04/14.

I'm catching up on SHIELD, too. It's fine.

Angel and Faith 3 – After missing 2 for a long time, I read it just before this issue, so that was really helpful with the first couple pages. Although it was clear to me what was going to happen with Deepscan, I still don't blame Faith for not seeing it coming. And really, that's a positive aspect of her personality. On the other hand, I still don't really know what's happening with Angel and Nadira. The whole idea of Magic Town is a cool one, but I'm not sure where it's going. I like the metaphor of where the sea meets the river and I love that it was the title here, but I'm not sure which side she's pushing, nor which one I'd like to see, nor what the “good” side is. Angel's encounter with the Glass Blower and the refugee coming in to see Nadira certainly paint her side as the good one, but who knows what the truth is? And when we got to the end, I had the lovely surprise of having forgotten the cover. Awesome.

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man 2 - Well, I'm not saying that I didn't like this issue, because I did, but I am saying that not much happened that we didn't already know - or figure. I mean, this seems like a classic case of the decompressed storytelling that we were all railing against Bendis, like, five to seven years ago about. Ganke and Miles have a conversation, but that's what I already figured. Miles talks about how he was going to talk to May, but he doesn't actually talk to anyone about anything, other than fretting with Ganke. And then, yeah, we got that last page build up with his lady friend, whom I still think is the lady from the last series who MUST know that he's Spidey. And, sure, we got a few pages of Osborn. But other than that, not much happened in an issue where Miles Morales may or may not have seen a resurrected Peter Parker. But he didn't. It's a clone. (Loved that page, BTW.)

The Wake 9 - Huh. Well. I did not see that ending coming. I mean, almost everything before that, sure? (And BTW, what a rich possibility for world building did Murphy leave himself there, huh? Geez, there's a LOT of untold story right in those 2-4 pages of traveling.) But it's really the very last page, where the good doctor finally returns that gets to the intrigue. It's going to be an awesome conclusion, but I'm left curious as to whether it'll be satisfying or not. There are a lot of people Leeward has killed, inadvertently or not, and she still hasn't even chosen her new name. We'll see what happens to all the timelines, the kids, the moms and the mers next issue.

Book of the week goes to Angel and Faith. It was a really weird week.

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