Monday, May 19, 2014

comics for the weeks of 05/07/14 and 05/14/14.

Finally got a chance to check out The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It was a solid flick, they just tried to cram too much in. That being said, I feel pretty tapped out on Peter Parker, Spider-Man, which was good for this week.

Angel and Faith 2 - Couldn't find it. Will review later.

Ultimate Spider-Man 1 - All I know is...that's not Peter Parker. This was a fantastic start to what feels like a logical next step. Just like Miles was the logical next step to Peter, now it feels like it's truly Miles' book, and not just because of the name. I love the discussion the guards have about the cyclical nature of superheroes and the way that twists with Norman in this issue. I love the frank way Miles has with talking to MJ and getting advice. I love the fact that this is almost assuredly that background character we saw earlier who is now his girlfriend and that she almost assuredly already knows that Miles is Spider-Man, but that he's puzzling out how to tell her. There are some really good things happening in this series and the last page is going to set us up for plenty more. This is great.

The Wake 8 - Wow. I don't know what's happening, but the world building just keeps getting more and more layered. What the hell was that with the General? He was just hallucinating? From the Mer venom? But it lined up with reality? In curious ways beyond what Guv Viv would have said and done? And they traced our protagonist to her merry little new band of outlaws and pirates. And one of them has a gnarly hand that Captain Hook would be insanely jealous of (maybe even Inspector Gadget). Now we're coming up on the conclusion and it still seems as likely as ever that we'll still get to see Lee one last time. I don't know what the connection between all this is, but I'm thinking it's pretty damn good.

Book of the week goes to Ultimate Spidey.


Finals time meant that the reviews didn't get put up on time. It is what it is.

All New X-Men 27 - This book REALLY feels like it took a jump. And is this what this is going to be now? Just all time travel all the time? I guess this is some kind of poetic justice for my saying that I liked X-Men time travel stories? It feels like overload, and while I like getting the backstory on the future Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, it really does feel like it came from out of nowhere.

Avengers 29 - Well, that was wonky. It really does feel like a recycled idea to have it simply be Cap vs. Iron Man yet again, but the change with the Infinity Gauntlet was a good one (if it was one...I certainly don't remember it from before, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen) and the one-page epilogue/cliffhanger was nice. I'm not reading, nor do I plan to, Original Sin (yet another recycled title, boo), but I didn't feel like I needed to in this case either. So that's always nice. Meanwhile, it's an issue where basically only one thing happens: Cap remembers the Illuminati and their mind wipe of him (BTW, what kind of shitty Sorcerer Supreme is Strange anyway, if that spell doesn't work?) and goes to have a chat with Tony about it. He takes Widow, Hawkeye, Thor and two of the newbies (Starbrand and Hyperion?) with him and it turns into a fight. Next up?

Fables 140 - I'm not going to claim I totally understood it, but I'm definitely going to claim that I'm unhappy with it. We'll see when it's all over if these two issues mean more but for now I just feel robbed out of great story and filled with a mediocre (at best) short arc.

New Avengers 18 - Meh. A lot of time has been spent building up these heroes and it feels like so much wasted time. It's not that I don't care, it's just that it was the only logical next step. And the next? Some of them have got to live. So...who cares? They're going to die eventually. I didn't need to see all that time with them to know they were good. And I didn't need T'Challa's communion with the dead Black Panthers of the past to see that he was troubled. He's always been the most conscious of the group - which is probably a purposeful thing - and Reed and Tony are the opposite ends. Banner seems like the new wild card, but Hank is fitting right in. We still haven't seen any of the (good) ramifications of Strange's new powers, so it seems like next issue is where we'll finally get to the point of all of the last few months; that is, if it actually comes to a head next issue and we don't have to play decompressed storytelling for another round.

Walking Dead 127 - Ironically, I got half my wish, but it felt like half of half. (So, like a quarter of a wish?) This was cool. I'm happy to see this direction taken, and I like where we've found all the characters. They're different enough that we can see time has truly passed. I love Jesus the most, I think, and the new samurai-ish suits, but Rick's haircut was also impressive. Carl seems to have progressed. The new guys will be interesting, but even more so will be to see the changes that have overtaken everyone else, the people to whom we'd already gotten used to. It's clear that there are two communities at this point, and we didn't even get to see Hilltop. This is fresh, it feels good.

Book of the week goes to The Walking Dead. Way to be bold.

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