Monday, May 5, 2014

comics for the week of 04/30/14.

Happy Mean Girls Anniversary week. (Even though by the time you read this it'll be long over.) It was a nice, pink Wednesday.

Amazing Spider-Man 1 – Yup, I'll admit that I read it. My friends have been talking too much good stuff about Spidey since the Doc Ock stuff (and really, even since Brand New Day, where I jumped off, finally, after two decades of waffling between torture and delight) and so I figured I'd give it a go. Plus, I love Ramos, and they've been saying particularly good stuff about Dan Slott. But when I read it, it's not like I was disappointed or thought it was bad, it was more just...meh. Ramos' art is too exaggerated for me now, and Peter's problems came off as cartoony. Maybe they always were. All I know is, it didn't feel like home and that's OK. I'm fully over Spider-Man. I'm happy for the people who are loving it, but I'm not the audience anymore.

Avengers 28 - Wellllllp. He certainly is pulling the threads together. Alterna-Banner goes down, real Banner joins the Illuminati, the same group that once exiled him, and we get an origin (kind of) for the Mapmakers. Turns out they're...created by AIM? Interesting. But that's basically all we get in this issue that consists almost entirely of a conversation between Tony and Bruce.

Black Science 6 - Holy crap. This comic is not playing around. There will be some serious Exiles-style turnover is what I'm getting. So this issue spends the whole time reinforcing what a bad guy Kadir is and now it seems like he's going to be the spotlight. The kids get to step into their own, Grant (seemingly) dies, the gang jumps away and we have a hiatus. The art is so beautiful, the writing is so on point, this book has jumped a few levels. The recurrence of the Pillar and the Black Science gang's symbol is just more evidence that Remender is playing a long game here, which I'm always in favor of. I love the new guy (shaman-type) who's with the gang, and I'm hopeful that he made the jump with the crew, as he's got some powers that could definitely prove useful. This book is elevating.

New Avengers 17 - Annnnnd, I thought it would get better there, because of the tightening of the threads and because of the editor's note and because it seems like they're obviously related, but it's still so broad. I mean, I get what's happening at the end, but so what? Now they know the people they're going to have to kill? (Or, at least, Namor and T'Challa do?) Am I supposed to believe that's going to make a difference? And if it does, doesn't that mean all the tough talk of the last year or two has meant nothing? Or was the warning specifically about the Hulk in their presence? All that just for one picture of him? Who cares? Haven't we passed the age where we need everything spelled out so precisely before it happens? I mean, isn't that basically the thesis of this story? I don't know. Maybe I'm just spoiling on it. It was fine. But nothing great. It'll look better in the rear view, from a distance. (Hopefully.)

Rachel Rising 25 - "Stardust be damned...The transformation is hell." Terry Moore captures dissonance very well. Zoe is becoming a star in this book and it's all due to that disconnect when it comes to expectation and reality. Of course, when it comes to this book, reality is a pretty loose term. I like the fact that he seems to have pivoted very successfully, because I was a bit worried that the book would end abruptly, the story having been told. But now we've got a new mission, a semi-new crew, and a new attitude, wherein almost everyone trusts in that fake-reality I was talking about. This'll be good going forward and this would make a great jumping on issue for anyone who hasn't read it yet.

Book of the week goes to Black Science. Every issue is better than the last, a rare feat.

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