Monday, April 28, 2014

comics for the weeks of 04/16/14 & 04/23/14.

It was Spring Break, so I knew I was going to be late.

Thor: God of Thunder 21 - Yup, that was awesome. Yet another story that delightfully bounces back and forth from current Thor to old King Thor, both fighting enemies who are much too big for them. Galactus in the future and (apparently) a minotaur in the present. I had no idea the CEO was supposed to be a minotaur, despite seeing his previous transformation, and I don't know how/why that's supposed to be such a big deal, given what I know of old mythos, but I'm sure there's more than one twist coming to this story in the future. However, in this issue, both Thors lose, to a degree. Galactus beats old Thor physically, punching him through the Earth into the moon, breaking it, and later breaking his spirit with all the talk of how he's already failed the people of Earth. On the other hand, our current Thor is acting more and more like his past self, rushing headlong into action without thinking about it for a moment. It's a bit of mischaracterization for all the growth Thor's shown in the last two decades or so, but it's not so unfamiliar that it feels foreign. Roz Solomon is going to have to justify her place soon, otherwise she'll become either a cliche or an overused mop.

The Unwritten: Apocalypse 3 - All right, so Tom figures out where to find the secret weapon. In order to do so, he has to bring to life a whole new line of people. (Gepetto makes an alluded appearance via Rausch, huh?) Then he leaves behind Peter and Sue, probably for good. I feel like that's the last time we'll see the purely fictionalized world of Tommy Taylor. Tom is fully in control now. He's got some words for his father, which weren't pleasant, but were probably all true. And lastly, it turns out the rabbit's going to be crazy important. It's as though Carey and Gross have had this thing planned for a while. Quite brilliant. Love it.

Book of the week goes to Unwritten. We're nearer to the end than ever before and it's truly incredible.


More books this week, which is always nice.

Buffy 2 - Echoing my comments from Angel and Faith, it was nice to see multiple perspectives on this battle. And yeah, it seems like Giles is here to stay. The only unfortunate thing is that since he's in a kid's body, Gage seems to be writing him a little overly stuffy. Yeah, we get it, he's an old man and there's some dissonance, but his voice seemed a bit off to me. Other than that, we had some super suspicious behavior from Dowling (that's such a no-brainer it's almost not even worth mentioning) and some classic Buffy missteps insofar as her love life at large as well as Spike in particular. It was a solid issue, setting up some of the larger themes - the new rules they'll have to figure out, the presence of a Big Bad as the person (entity) that's creating these rules - as well as some looming questions: Koh clearly knows that Illyria is not dead, Giles is going to have to adjust to his new role, Dawn and Xander have some shit to work through, etc. Good stuff.

Daredevil 2 - A cool issue with a cool introduction of a cool new character who's got some mixed up influences. Part Batman, part Spider-Man, part Daredevil, it turns out the Shroud is probably going to be a nice addition to the DD mythos. I hope the allusion to the Owl turns out to be a big deal, too, based on the first part of 1.5 a few weeks back. Very cool continuation of the story of Matt Murdock in San Francisco and we haven't even gotten to the best part: the deputy mayor (and, presumably, everyone else) thinks Foggy's dead! But that it's not the cancer that killed him? Or was that her way of winking and nodding? I don't really know, but I love the way this new trio is interacting. I like where this book has been as well as where it's going.

Mind MGMT 21 - The powers of Meru continue to expand even while it looks like she's losing. Also, Kindt's take on the silent issue idea goes over...ummmm...not well? I don't know. I still loved the issue, but I felt like it was a gimmick just for the sake of the gimmick. I'm not sure there was much more to it. There wasn't a lot of reason for anyone not to talk, although the opening section with Duncan and Lyme made sense. The rest of it? They were getting attacked! They barely know each other! (Aside from Bill and Meru. Which, I guess means only the little guy...) I think I would have screamed. And the ending... Well, I didn't get it, but that's not unusual for me with this book. Obviously, the Magician is setting up a third side. And the side-narration was less clear than ever. But it was still fantastic, don't get me wrong.

The Walking Dead 126 - I'm so dissatisfied with this conclusion that I don't even really want to talk about this issue. Suffice it to say Rick isn't dead, neither is Negan and, yeah, while things feel like they might change, I'm not necessarily interested in the direction this is taking. I'd love to be wrong, I'll certainly still read this book, it's not like it's BAD, it's just that...I really thought things were going to drastically change. We'll see what kind of follow through Kirkman provides in the next issue, but for now, it basically just felt like a six month, 12 issue battle that changed...nothing much. There's a possibility for awesome world building, but it seems like the pre-100 issues are going to be repeated here and that was definitely the worst part of TWD's run thus far.

Book of the week goes to Daredevil. Pure, superhero fun.

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