Monday, April 14, 2014

comics for the week of 04/09/14.

Out of town. This will post in time, but next week's might not. FYI.

All New X-Men 25 - That was a lot, a lot, a lot of fun. The reveal at the end was cool, too, as I suspected an oldie but goodie villain choice, and I had a nice chuckle, but not out of frustration or anger. It was good. But the key, obviously, was the art. Every page had something cool about it, even the jokey pages that normally leave a bad taste in my mouth. I loved the Bruce Timm beginning, and there was plenty of goodness to pass around. You should definitely pick up this issue.

Daredevil 1.5 - Similar to X-Men, that was fun, but unlike that book, this had a significant downturn. The Bendis/Maleev run on DD is probably my favorite of all time, but their middle section was undeniably the weakest part of this issue. The ending section was truly a throwback, in a very nice way. But the beginning section, with Waid firing on all cylinders, maybe telling the future and maybe not, made for a great possibility. I love the fact that they're having so much fun with Matt Murdock nowadays and that this is the new direction. It's a welcome relief, as well as a justified turn. It hasn't come out of left field but rather been a fully explained turn of events. I'm excited for what comes next.

East of West 11 - The focus on the daughter is perfect here, especially since the difference between shame and shave is a natural-seeming joke for an ESL speaker. They oftentimes notice these subtle differences that some of us don't, and even if it's just Hickman projecting that, it's the sign of a good writer. And then we get the creepy interlude with Archibald and a very strange friend in a box (this is the first time we've seen him, right?) and a transition to Bel Solomon dealing wit ha world of dreams that may or may not be infiltrating the real world. But the real meat of this issue comes about as we see the current leaders and their respective progeny or designates heading to the meeting of the nations at the Wall. There's a helpful listing of all the characters we've encountered near the end. The Confederacy, the Union, the Kingdom, the Texas Republic, and the PRA are well-represented, but it feels like we're missing more than just Death and his compatriots. And at the very end, there's a semi-answer. Have we encountered the Endless Nation before and I just don't remember? Or is there a new player on the scene? Either way, another solid addition to a story that could easily continue for a long, long time.

Invincible 110 - The most truly disturbing issue of Invincible yet. I'm just not sure how to write about this, because when a man gets raped, people either see it as funny or a plot device. It served as the latter here, but I just don't know that anyone would ever thinking of employing a female rape (in the 21st century) in a similar vein. I'm not against the artistic choice, but I do think Kirkman is treading on dangerous ground. Also, I can both see where Eve is coming from and I have my suspicions that this is not an authentic representation of reality. Part of me thinks Robot has to have seen the possibility of Mark coming back and plotted some sort of backdoor (clone, hologram, fake, etc.) Eve so that it would put Mark in this bad place. Secondly, speaking of that bad place, two Viltrumites crashing to the Earth and fighting isn't going to make Mark any more popular next issue when he's trying to rally support to his side. He may or may not have already lost Eve (I don't think that's the case) but this fight/rape scene will do him harm, too. The table, though, is set for next issue: LET'S CHANGE EVERYTHING.

The Walking Dead 125 – Well, that's one way to get himself out of that corner that I said Kirkman had definitely written himself into last issue. And I suppose that I'm actually OK with it. The way this issue went, I was even falling for Rick's line. Of course, in the back of my mind, I thought it was Negan playing Rick, but it turns out I've been outfoxed at every turn in this arc. And I'm totally OK with that. I love what's happening here and I think All Out War has been an excellent story. However, if we don't see some serious change in the next issue, the conclusion, it will all have been for nothing. I don't see Rick dying as a plausible possibility any more, unless Kirkman is going to be playing purely for shock factor – at this point, with him apparently surviving due to Dwight's diligence, it would only be a gratuitous pull of the chair – so there's got to be something else. I've got confidence because this has been great, but don't let me down, Kirkman!

Book of the week goes to All New X-Men. Fun, classic X stuff.

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