Monday, April 7, 2014

comics for the week of 04/02/14.

This was the week that Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out. There was very little else that mattered in my world.

Angel & Faith Season 10 #1 - Well, the art was great and seeing the fight in Buffy from another POV was neat, too. I like that we're getting two sides to the same story, but I'm wondering if Faith is actually going to take that job with Kennedy or make her way back to Angel? (Or some kind of both?) I'm interested, obviously, in all the characters, but I thought the dynamic between Angel and Faith last season worked really well. I'm hopeful they'll maintain it. Also, the Magic Town angle, which I'd completely forgotten about (before the preview in Buffy) looks like it'll have a lot of room. Awesome. Also, the note about London being a much better city for a vampire to be able to move around in was a fantastic little notice. Love when writers grab little things like that. Last of all, the Spike preview seemed cool - written by Marsters is great - but to hear that it's set in Season 7 is quite odd. I'll probably check it out.

Black Science 5 - This was the best issue of the series so far and I feel like I'm saying that about every issue so far in the series. That's a great sign. I loved the instantaneous reveal of the mystery character and I loved that the kids (especially Pia) were so adamant in their refusal, even if they're not totally getting along with their dad all the time. I admire how quick on his feet Kadir is to think about how to shift blame and I like that we've got these quirky twists on cliff hangers in (what feels like, at least) every single issue so far. Great, great stuff here, especially in the art department.

Trillium 8 - Trillum forever. Man. No words.

Ultimate Spider-Man 200 - I had no idea this was coming. And it was wonderful. I hadn't kept track of the Cataclysm stuff, but I knew that the Ultimate Universe wasn't actually ending. But to see a return to the old numbering, before it becomes Miles Morales: Spider-Man, was awesome. And the Bagley art was great. The different looks at the different interpretations each of the characters showcased in this issue had of Ultimate Peter Parker was so much fun. Except for Kitty. Hers was just incredibly touching. Loved it. And now we have a totally fresh start, with a cool new status quo in the Ultimate Universe for Miles and it seems like it's going to go really well. I love that this line is still fresh and still going, even with its bit of history. It's a cool way of doing things and I hope it gets to stay the way it is for quite a while longer.

Book of the week goes to Trillium. It was amazing. Pick up the trade before it inevitably winds up on people's best of lists.

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