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comics for the week of 03/26/14.

Holy crap. It was a bounty of wealth this week.

Avengers 27 – Well. I have no idea what that was. Avengers vs. Avengers with AIM Island involved and a conversation between Banners and some of the Adaptoids escaping at the end, apparently without anyone knowing? And that's all I've got. This is too far afield for me any more. I'll still read it, but I'm not sure why, as I'm not sure if I'm even enjoying it at this point.

Fables 139 – An unpleasant interruption. I don't care about Boy Blue's band and I hate to hear that this voyage will somehow be one of the determining factors in the ending of the whole thing. Puss in Boots was cool, but the idea that the band going back home to the world of the Fables would somehow just happen is strange. The art was less spectacular, but I know that the story break as well as the artistic one are both necessary to provide the spectacular build we'll be looking forward to in the conclusion. With just 11 issues remaining, they've got quite a few threads to pull together and this two-issue band road trip is going to be the last springboard before they have to start truly doing so, I Believe. That mean one more issue that I might not care for but 10 of nothing but excellency afterwards.

Hawkeye 18 – "It was the 90s. Our sodas were crystal. Our T-Shirts were hypercolor. Our hard drives were almost 80 megs." I love this book. I didn't really care for the change in art when the storyline changed originally, but now I can't imagine it any other way. This is so much fun. It's so different, too! I mean, it's definitely an LA book when it's with Kate and it's definitely an NYC book when it's with Clint. I love that Kate's neighbors still love LA even though she hates on it so much. I love that even through her hate, she clearly loves it. I love the stereotypes and the tropes and the recurrence of some many different arcs. (Harold, really?) I don't really get the Heisenberg reference, though, despite being a loyal Breaking Bad watcher. The best news of this issue, though? We're headed, sooner rather than later, for that inevitable reunion. Kate and Clint work best when they're together.

Mind MGMT 20 – Wow. I don't know whether to believe the script pages that we saw the lady writing at the end or not. Regardless, this was just another spectacular issue of Mind MGMT, extraordinary in its construction and almost flawless in its execution. The way the two stories overlapped was nice, and even though the camps are definitely reconciled already, it seems as though the other side is even more coordinated and working to beat them at a pretty definitive pace. Next issue is promised to be a unique take on the silent issue idea, but this issue already had plenty of beautiful double page spreads with less dialogue than normal. I'm loving what's happening here even if I can't say that I 100% understand the overall plot at this point. I'm confident in Kindt's ability to pull these threads together, though, even if it's just at the end of the arc while he introduces new questions and wrinkles.

New Avengers 16 – New policy: I refuse to acknowledge the new numbering system. But, just like the regular Avengers title, and just like I've said about both of them in the past, I have no idea what's happening here. I think this was a nod to DC? I mean, it seems like Superman and Batman and Flash and Martian Manhunter and maybe Doctor Fate and maybe...I don't know. Who is Doctor Spectrum supposed to be? But then even beyond the pale allegory, I don't get what they've done. Did the Norn become a Black Priest? Did they save a world? It looked like they merely destroyed one, as per the usual mode. But T'Challa and Namor seem to be telling us that something is different. I don't see anything different. Also, I'm not a fan of Rags Morales' art. Just like I said for the regular title, I'm going to keep reading this, but merely out of curiosity, not because I feel like I need to.

The Private Eye 6 – Oh wow. The developments in here feel HUGE, but, honestly, I'm not sure we got anything other than just one true step closer to the conclusion. I like how Raveena has been developing and I love the relationship with her and PI, but I'm worried for the driver! She's still in the custody of one of the French guys and all of a sudden, it looks like the Press might be someone we root for? Man, that's gonna feel weird. Also, Nebula is on his way back home, Raveena's got his gun and we're headed for a huge showdown. Meanwhile, we also get cameos from the super colored MacBook, the Schwarzenegger Hospital and what looks like the Great Wall of California? This book is so much fun and feels so important.

Rachel Rising 24 – I don't know where the story is going to go now? Zoe turned out to be a helper, but she's still clearly evil. She has that Devil's Sword, from Malus, and I know Lilith's word isn't a great one to trust, but that doesn't seem like something I'd be comfortable just leaving hanging out there. Also, Lilith is gone!! Holy hell. (No pun intended.) That was quite the palate cleanser, but I don't feel like things are over. Jet's back and James is gone, but Rachel's still here and there's the hanging plot threads of Aunt Johnny and the weird doctor (is he still around?) and ZOE AND MALUS, who definitely need to be taken care of. Man, it's been a crazy ride.

The Sandman: Overture 2 – I don't know how to go about this, other than hyperbolically: the convocation of Dream is the thing that I've been waiting for in comics since I was old enough to have rational desires. I (think I) saw Klarion, Groot, Daniel, Dream (that we knew and loved), maybe Beast, Destiny, the 50th issue of Dream, a Star Wars droid, maybe Starro, and so many more. Honestly, though, the major revelation of this issue is that it's not the art that carries this book – it's clearly the story. JH Williams is still the best and he's still operating on a whole other level, but his work here is not as strong as issue 1, nor as strong as much of the other recent stuff he's done. The issue is basically a set up and the payoff is in the finish: who is the Father and how are Dream and Dream pairing up? And what does it have to do with new-Dream-Daniel and his pursuit of a watch that Mad Hettie left behind? It's a beautiful thing, but the real beauty is in the plot, at least for this half of the series thus far.

The Wake 7 – Seriously, the second half of this story is SO much better than the first half. And the first half was already tons of fun. But this is the real meat of the story. I was blown away just by the first couple pages. But the story that is actually developed in the pages that follow is awesome. I mean, I don't know if that's supposed to be her dad on the last page or not, but the fact of the matter is that it looks like the Big One is a machine built by resistance fighters? And the guy who (maybe) killed her dad was chasing her? And Pub is still alive? (Maybe not.) But the dolphin comes to the rescue! Holy crap. This was so so so so so good.

The Walking Dead 124 – Damn. Well that was just about as bad as it could have been. And Negan's right: they know in the crew that people are going to die. I don't see any way to back out of this, Kirkman's got to kill Rick. He's put himself in this corner and it certainly doesn't seem like a poorly thought out mistake. This has to be the plan. So there's a new group making their way toward the Hilltop, there's Dwight the double betrayer to deal with and, somehow, some way, Negan's got to be taken care of, too. There are only two issues of this arc left to get all that done and I've got faith. It's going to be amazing.

Book of the week goes to The Wake. With so many great books, it was a tough choice.

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