Monday, March 3, 2014

comics for the week of 02/26/14.

Manhattan Projects came out, too, but I'm still in the process of catching up. I'll add it when I'm current. Also, The Wake is back and better than ever! But it'll read best as a trade.

Black Science 4 - This was awesome. Truly awesome. We're getting more layers almost as quickly as we're losing characters. But the ending of this one, where we gained a new one, a hunter of some kind, someone with a history, someone that'll probably make a great addition to the story, was the best part. The war with the cyber-Native Americans was great and the technology and the dastardly deeds of Kasir (is that his name?) and the loss of Ward and the memories of war and the inevitability of fate...those were all amazing. But the ending is what really pushed it over the edge. The look of the costume, the way he (or she) was talking, the fact that they were clearly talking to someone in another dimension, the implied history, the foreknowledge of the pillar...these are all adding up to killer elements in the story. Plus, we've got alliances forming and cracks in the old ones showing already. Cool stuff here.

Deadly Class 2 - I'm super happy for Rick Remender that he's getting to do his thing, but John Hughes was never mine, and the nod to him in this issue wasn't even necessary. It's super clear that this is his stereotypical teenage high school drama thing and it's not for me. I don't need my cliches this overt. No thanks.

Hawkeye 15 - Holy cow. This was a crazy issue. I mean...the whole thing is so good. I love to see Clint and Barney working together. I love seeing Clint try to justify these good intentions and the horrible ramifications they've had. But that mean, I didn't even know how to react, because I wasn't truly sure how far it's gone. And now it looks like we won't find out for quite a while, so that makes it even more difficult. I seems like a good time to conveniently (if atrociously) take out the loose end of Barney, but Clint doesn't look like he's the any kind of good shape either. So. We can't talk much more about it other than to say the art was phenomenal and the resolution is put off for a bit longer when it looked like things were well and truly wrapped up.

Mind MGMT 19 - This issue was full on wacky. I'm not sure that I know what's going on, other than to say that there are definitely two sides to this conflict and they're both shoring up their armies and that's going better for the bad guys than it is for our good guys. The cracks are starting to show and there's a good reason for that. The good guys have done a lot of bad things, there's no doubt about that. But the Meru issue (of power blocking) is going to turn into a heck of a wrinkle by the end of this series. Also, I'm not sure if it was just his constant shit-talking this issue, but I'm starting to doubt Dusty's intentions a bit. Lastly, the Illusionist was great, but what was even better was the quote from Houdini on the cover. There was also confirmation at the end about this being the more-than-halfway point. Reassuring if a bit sad.

The Walking Dead 122 - Rick knows what he's doing. So does Negan. This is leading up to an awesome conclusion. The fact that Dwight got caught talking about his hated for Negan and that it didn't lead to his immediate death or even a threat of snitching is good, but I'm not convinced that it's reality. Also, Rick's plan is about to face a serious hazard, as Negan and crew are already practically knocking at the gate with their new weapons. Like Rick said in the issue, it's cool and reassuring to the mentality that the group is all back together, but it certainly poses a threat insofar as what will happen if they all get attacked - which is about to happen. Nice set up!

Wolverine and the X-Men 42 - Welp. It's over. But not really. It was a great ending for what it was and I enjoyed that Jason Aaron got to end it the way he wanted, with a party with his friends, but the ever-changing art didn't do the issue any favors. The glimpses (plural) into the future (both near and far) were neat, but nothing that we haven't seen from the title before, nor anything that we wouldn't expect from a series-ending issue of an X-Men book. The BAMFs are eternally great, the Storm and Wolverine relationship is cool and I love the further integration of Quentin Quire into the X-Universe. He's a solid character who should definitely be developed. However, if they go with the further development of Snot and Eye Boy and Shark Girl and Idie and Broo (et. al.) it'll be a good thing for the X books as well as the Marvel Universe as a whole. Solid, but not phenomenal.

Book of the week goes to Black Science. Fitting in a week that I gave up on another Remender book to have such a great showing from his other.

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