Monday, February 24, 2014

comics for the week of 02/19/14.

Happy National Margarita Day! (Not when you're reading this, FYI, but when I'm writing it.)

Batwoman 28 – Yeah, this is fine, but it's just a mediocre comic. There's nothing wrong with just good, not great, but I don't feel compelled to continue reading. I'm happy for the people for whom it's working, but it's not for me, so I'll be done until someone tells me to try again.

Daredevil 36 – The last issue of this volume of the series brings us right about to where we had to be. Since Born Again was repeated in infinite varities by Bendis (and then Brubaker) this title felt like it was kind of treading water by just letting Matt Murdock off the hook. Everyone knew he was Daredevil, but no one capitalized on it. Well, Mark Waid finally figured out a way to do so while still making the story seem fresh and worth our time. And, most of all, there'll be a huge change coming up when the book relaunches – Daredevil in San Francisco! Cool. I'm good with the way it all went down and, as long as both Foggy and Kirsten come along for the ride, I'll feel like we're making genuine progress on this book. An excellent conclusion to a fun voyage.

Fables 138 – These guys are the masters of the fill-in issue. Just a simple break from the action of long-term storytelling to let us know what Gepetto's been up to. But it turns out magnificently, with a great little story that's both compelling and interesting. Gepetto has long been a backburner character (since issue 75) and it's nice to see that he'll get his due in the conclusion of this title. We see the lengths that he's already gone to in order to reattain some of his old position, we have a flashback look at Bigby (gone, but never forgotten – he might be a candidate for character who's appeared in, and if not that, at least been mentioned in, every issue of Fables?) and we get to see that he's won, albeit not completely. He's going to throw quite the wrench into the ending, but I'm confident that he'll ultimately be dispatched in pleasing fashion.

The Unwritten: Apocalypse 2 - “Every dream is true, and every truth is broken.” Damn. And it only gets SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER from there. Holy crap, seriously. How is this thing elevating so high? I mean, it was already on the shortlist of best comics of all time. And now the conclusion is getting this much better? I mean, unless it totally falls off a cliff, we're looking at definitive top 5 material. The way Carey and Gross are putting their readers up on genres is like a father reading to his infant child: this is introductory literature for everyone. Smarties and dummies alike should read this because we're all learning lots. Insofar as the actual plot of the comic book, it looks like Wilson is back and working with the team to ensure Tom's return. Lizzie and Savoy have been working for a long time to try to get him back and they've teamed up with the kids, Cosi and Leon. Mingus is there, of course, too, and all the genres of story have spilled out into the world. It's a gnarly new place, but Savoy and especially Lizzie have experience with it, and Hexam gets the gang out of a jam near the end. Of course, you know what they say about frying pans and fires: next issue we see an army coming.

Book of the week goes to Unwritten. This is some next level shit.

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