Monday, February 17, 2014

comics for the week of 02/12/14.

The Marvel books are coming too quickly and are devolving into poor parodies of what made them good in the first place.

All New X-Men 23 - Yeah, yet another one that wasn't really for me. This wasn't so much an X-Men book as it was a Guardians of the Galaxy book and there's a reason I didn't read part 2, so I wasn't primed to like this issue. We get the kids in space, they're having fun meeting the Guardians, the Shi'ar find them, there's a battle, and there's a bit of humorous characterization. Meanwhile, Jean is on the Shi'ar ship (maybe the homeworld?) and she's being interrogated. The ending finds us meeting up with Corsair, which will provide yet another interesting play for Cyclops, but it all feels like a rerun. I don't find myself caring nearly as much as I hoped to.

Avengers 26 - Yep, all done with this book. As much as I like time traveling stories and alternate versions of teams and people, this does absolutely nothing for me. AIM as world changers and varied looks at Avengers teams and Avengers worlds and still, at the end of the day, there was nothing here. Blah.

Rachel Rising 23 - This was the best issue in this series for characterization. Both Rachel and Zoe displayed the fact that they are truly two people. Rachel knows who Oscar Wilde is, but can open her old magical box as well. Zoe, on the other hand, is a deadly instrument of death, but mistakes the two girls for zombies, just like a real kid would. But more than that, we continue to learn more and more about Lilith, too. The ending, of course, is awesome, but I wanted a little more from this issue. I think it's amazing that Terry Moore is still able to do his own thing, but I'm always left a little shirt when I finish one of his issues.

The Walking Dead 121 - Well, after the intense last issue, I couldn't really expect that much from this one, but it truly felt like just turning pages. It was a placeholder, where Rick (and co.) abandons the city and Eugene gets kidnapped by Negan (and co.). Other than that, nothing happened. I know it's a long arc, but this whole story could have fit into a couple pages of another issue where they actually tell a story. I guess it was significant that Rick finally left his phone behind, but that's it. Nothing here for me this week.

Thor: God of Thunder 19 - Yes, Esad Ribic is back and it's so good. The dual nature of the story - our Thor hitting on Agent on SHIELD and saving the world from Roxxon Corporation (for now) and old King Thor still visiting the barren Earth in the future (only to have Galactus show up as the cliffhanger we all knew was coming) works really well in the format they've got it. I like that the story didn't bounce back and forth as some of the previous ones have done, and it shows great things about Jason Aaron as a plotter, too. He doesn't rely on the same old format all the time, he knows how to take a varied approach. The art is what carries the book, but the story is just as good, if not better.

Wolverine and the X-Men 41 - They're wrapping up the loose ends and that's good for the story, but it sure feels rushed. You know what else felt off? The mix of the art. While Larraz proved himself last issue and Nauck has always been a favorite of mine from back in the day, the latter felt horribly sloppy and the former didn't get enough time to shine. It probably has to do with how quickly Marvel is shipping these books nowadays, which doesn't feel like it's paying off. If the story and the art are so rushed, why not just slow down a bit and let things actually play out the way they should? Hopefully next issue, the last for this series, will get the focus it deserves.

Book of the week goes to Thor. Ribic's return on art was almost enough in and of itself.

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