Monday, February 3, 2014

comics for the week of 01/29/14.

Last week, not here, I posted something about how Image was on top of the world. This week's list verifies that fact as true, at least for me. A hell of an Image week, with a Vertigo and a Marvel book thrown in the mix so that life doesn't get too boring.

Black Science 3 - Coooooool. This one was good, too! I liked the premise of issues one and two, but not necessarily the execution. However, this issue felt like it had it all. Some backstory, which was good, some action, which propelled us forward, and some stakes. It seems clear that Grant can't die, but it's enough of a new series (and a couple characters [?] have already kicked the bucket) that it makes me think anything is possible, even if reason says it's not. Love the interactions with the kids and the way the corporate suit (Kadir?) is making himself valuable. It's always nice to have a scapegoat, but it's even better when that person is a complex individual as opposed to a one-dimensional loser. Also, the name the Dimensionauts is hilarious and awesome. This series is on the way up for me.

East of West 9 - Awesome world-building is awesome. Man. There are some serious threads being pulled at here. I repeat the claim I've made about this book before: it's going to read better in trade (or omnibus). But it's fantastic issue to issue and I don't think I'd be able to give it up. However, it's dense and there's so much alterna-history and so many different characters working with so many subtle (and not-so-subtle) motives that it can be hard to keep track of. I love that the last couple issues have had ONE main plot and a smalllllll side plot. This issue's main idea was the seventh nation, which is a cool place, turns out. The king has many potential heirs, but the Crown Prince was contacted previously and hold (maybe dangerously?) to his religion. His little brothers are bitches compared to him. And then, in the sub-plot, we see Death pay a serious price to gather the whereabouts of his son. Man. This is good.

Fables 137 - "I contain multitudes." Winter as the North Wind is amazing. And she sees some of the power in Rose Red that we've been suspecting for a long time now, due to her ability (compulsion?) to be everywhere at once. Her talk with Santa Claus is the highlight and really showcases the mistake she makes by not looking in more carefully to Fabletown. The missing piece of Bigby is fashioned into ...a weapon? It's just a ring, but it's obviously going to be something more. His disappearance is a freaky one, and the fact that the witches are freaked out makes it even more so. And then, the ending, with Lancelot doing some direct translation for us is perfect. I like that Fables oftentimes works best by refusing to beat around the bush; they're upfront with their symbolism and it works well for the style. I love this story and I'll be sad when it's gone.

Invincible 108 - Wow. I started with this issue because I figured Saga would be the best and I had heard good things about this one, and I always try to start and end with great issues, but I had NO IDEA how good this was going to be. This was awesome. Even if this whole dilemma wraps up in a couple of issues, it's still going to totally change the status quo of the book. And it wasn't at all what I was thinking. So, the issue starts with Eve and Mark having yet another fight about him going over and he says some gnarly things. And then the evil Mark in the other dimension says the same things. And I really, really thought we were hedging toward evil Mark in our dimension territory. (And we still are, obviously, but it's going to be a ways out.) But when Mark has the reaction to the torturing of Angstrom Levy that he does, it proves he's still good. Until his breaking point. Robot has always had something on the back burner, but it truly seemed as though he'd changed. This issue proves that he has not and that there is some serious shit coming up. This is going to be awesome. I don't know how to convey my genuine shock and amazement as I finished up the issue. I was vocalizing out loud my delight mixed with horror. One of the best issues I've read in a long, long time.

Saga 18 - Whoah. BKV continues to kill it. I really did think Heist would make it. But the plot twists with Gwen, The Will, The Brand and, of course, the ending with Hazel made the whole thing more than worthwhile. This is the best comic and it continues to get better and better. I love the idea of a time jump and the hiatus as taking that space and using it meaningfully. I hate that Heist and Grandma didn't get more time together, as I thought they would. I love the character development of Lying Cat and Sophie and the bond they've formed. And on the backburner is the mystery of Prince Robot IV and the reporters trying to circumvent their curse. This is incredible.

Thor: God of Thunder 18 - This was a cute filler issue, but it didn't really do it for me. Maybe it was all the truly amazing issues that came out otherwise this week. But the basic story of Thor teaming up with a dragon and taking on some trolls was cool enough. The line of the issue, though, goes to Thor, in response to Heimdall's claim that his father had been looking for him. "My father is omnipotent! He must not have looked very hard!" Good little one-off, but nothing special.

Book of the week goes to Invincible. This was the one.

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