Tuesday, January 21, 2014

comics for the week of 01/15/14.

An all Marvel week. Unusual. For as much crap as I talk about DC, there's usually a Vertigo book and almost always an Image one. Not this go round, though, apparently.

All New X-Men 21 - Yeah, this isn't for me anymore. I don't care abotu Stryker or the Purifiers or AIM or the shitty new costumes of the original X-Men. I don't care about hearing yet another person talk about how they can't be killed because of the possible ramifications. I don't care about X-23 and her feelings for Slim and I don't care about the fact that the next issue is called the Trial of Jean Grey. At this point, it feels exploitative. The art is subpar and the story is getting repetitive in the worst kind of way. After my brief hope during the middle of this run, after my initial fear, those fears have been confirmed. This is a one-note story that's ringing hollow over and over and over again. Not for me.

Daredevil 35 - I've said before and I'll say again: Mark Waid on Daredevil has been amazing. It's one of those things where he does common sense things that you didn't think were common sense until he started doing them. Here we see the Sons of the Serpent put Matt into yet another rock and a hard place and I think I knew what was going to happen before it happened. But that's the virtue of having a veteran as a writer; I'm not really sure that I knew that. I mean, when I read the last page, it wasn't surprising, but it was. (If that makes sense.) Here's the takeaway: this story is awesome. And I love almost all of the parts of it. But the part I don't love was so surprising to me that I don't even know how to react to it. Elektra showing up is always one of the highlights of a Daredevil book, although there's certainly a danger of overusing her and their banter getting too light. Neither happen here, but...despite loving Samnee's art, I hated his depiction of her. It's not that I thought he changed her in any fundamental way, it's just that the just-this-side-of-cartoony (which I normally love) didn't feel suited to her. That's a minor nitpick, though, in an overall great book. Next issue it's all over.

Thor: God of Thunder 17 - Yeah, my complaints from last month continue. It's not that it's a bad book or story, but it just couldn't possibly live up to the previous run. The art was worse, the story felt movie-shoehorned in and the ending really, really dragged. It's Malekith, so that's cool, but there was almost entirely pointless, except the literal end point. I don't care about the future of the League of Realms and I doubt they'll ever be brought up again. I do care that Malekith is now king of the dark elves, but only because there's immediate possibility. I don't care about the lady dark elf going to prison for Malekith, or the one funny panel where the Warriors Three see the comparisons to the League. I'm excited for the next arc, though.

Book of the week goes to Daredevil. Waid is killing it.

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