Monday, January 13, 2014

comics for the week of 01/08/14.

Nothing has made me feel that we're in a new year better than one of the books below. Luckily, there's only two, and it's pretty explicit.

The Walking Dead 119 - Negan just changed the game! Love that Rick knows what they're going to do, that he's right, but that Negan is working so much more quickly than anyone expected. Also, this tactic that gets used at the end is brilliant and evil and it's going to work, to some degree. The way that it was plotted out makes me think much more highly of Negan than I already had, and he was up there, so that's a good sign for him. All Out War has lived up to the promise so far, my only hope remains the foolish belief that things can truly change in any comic book. Here's the thing: this is Image, this is Robert Kirkman, this is a proven property; if it can happen anywhere, it's here. Make it real, Kirkman!

Young Avengers 15 - I avoided reading this for a couple days just to avoid the possibility that it was really over. And then I read it and, honestly, it felt like the PERFECT ending. I don't know how I can say any more about this issue, other than this: it needed more McKelvie. But the issue fit, they got to tell the story they wanted to tell, and the ending was the absolute perfect note. More than the music, if someone asks me what 2013 was like, I'm going to hand them this comic. Can't think of a better compliment.

Book of the week goes to Young Avengers. Goodbye to a great thing.

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