Monday, January 6, 2014

comics for the week of 01/01/14.

A brand new year! I'm trying out all kinds of things, some that I said I would, some that I said I wouldn't. I tried out Aquaman for one of my buddies, Kyle, who loves the character, and for Dave, who loves Jeff Parker. The art looked like Bagley, which I like, as opposed to most others nowadays, but the story did nothing for me. I'll be passing.

Batwoman 26 - Well, I tried it out because Dave said it was good, and it was fine. The art's not bad, the story was intriguing enough and I liked the villain. But I hated (and am still furious) that they just skipped over the conclusion to JH Williams' story. We're going to have to wait until Batwoman Annual 1? There's very little chance that I'll be reading the book regularly then, so I need to set a reminder in the calendar for a comic. That shit is annoying. But, moving on, I did like the semi-meta-commentary on the wedding plans, and I like the backstory of some more relatives. I don't like the idea of Gotham being LOST and everyone being related, but I'm OK with Kate and Bette having some fraternal ties to the city. The sheer amount of gay characters in this book is a good thing, and their calling each other out on their cliches was pretty great, but I'd love it more if it ever felt like it went beyond token-level surfaceness. As for the conclusion, I'm not one to believe that Batwoman would just stop without totally subduing her opponent. That's not in her military-style training to just let up on someone who's begging. It's a good enough book, and I'll check out the next one simply for the art thief appeal, but I'm not sure of its long term potential.

Fables 136 - The revelation about Lancelot wasn't even the coolest thing about this issue. The twist with the former fat lady wasn't either. The best thing about this issue? Honestly, it might have been the cover! But when you get into playing that game with an issue that was this good, it's really hard to start breaking it down into levels. The truth is, as Camelot's storyline is coming to an end - and Fables as a whole is winding down with it - it's only getting better. The Lady of the Lake meets her future hubby and is underwhelmed, the parallels are drawn for us to King Arthur and we see Rose rise up to meet that responsibility. We know who has the last piece of Bigby Wolf and we know that he's coming back, so we know she's going to have to be dealt with. It's an intricate puzzle and all the pieces are on the table. We're just working on getting them all to the right place at this point. It's beautiful.

New Avengers 13.INH - Stop it with this idiotic numbering. I can't deal with it. It makes me hate the story preemptively. And then, I know I'm semi-alone on this, but I really don't care for Simone Bianchi's art. I do feel like it fit the story well enough in this issue, but it's just not for me. As far as the good, I'm glad to see Reed's previous adventures in Hickman's FF run connecting to some of the bigger ideas here, and the recurrence of the Teregenesis bomb on other alternate earths. I like that the Black Swan STILL might be playing all of our heroes and yet they persist on their course. Other than that, though, there's not much here that's compelling me to come back week after week, month after month. If the story is going to be a humongous arc, I'm going to have to tackle it that way. I did, though, like seeing Charles Xavier still alive and working with Magneto on the other earth. Always interesting to see what brings them together. Lastly, the Black Priests appear to be scarily powerful.

Rachel Rising 22 - "You didn't save my life - you stole my afterlife!" Maybe it's the echoes of Buffy season 6, or my love for religion and my questions and life and the afterlife, but I thought this was clearly the best issue of a superb book. The dynamics between Rachel/Bryn and Jet/James are at their most powerful thus far, and the disdain with which Earl dealing with the Jet/James situation is the best characterization we've had of him so far, too. Dr. Siemen is turning into a fascinating character as well, and we haven't even touched on the Lilith business yet. The backstory of Manson keeps evolving and I have a feeling that Lilith has more than a little to do with that. Sure, death definitely can affect your memories, but I think there's some kind of purpose behind the modifications. A great chapter.

Something Terrible - Supremely powerful, incredibly done. I'm not going to say anything more. If you haven't bought it yet, like I hadn't, you should be ashamed, like I was. It should have made my best of 2013 list, but I waited too long to check it out. If you've made the same mistake, go here: and correct it.

Book of the week goes to Something Terrible. YOU NEED THIS.

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