Monday, December 16, 2013

comics for the week of 12/11/13.

Short week. That's all.

Invincible 107 - Oh Monster Girl. That short skirt. That tragic story. And then. Mark. That power. The Viltrumite making moves on him. His angst over Eve. The ending. So good. The wack ass villains didn't help, but they also didn't hurt, since we saw that they will eventually be much more of a threat than they were this issue. So, yeah, another issue that's moving the long-term planning further ahead, as well as one that's entertaining in its own right. I love these kind of issues in general, and I love them even more from Invincible, because they're the type of issue that are always worth looking back on. The bits with Monster Girl, Rex's machine and the villains seem particularly ripe for future revelations. Good stuff, Kirkman.

The Walking Dead 118 - Oh man. That was great. They're really, really, really laying it on thick with the Rick Grimes as Savior thing, which only amps up my hope for the crazy change in direction that we've talked about previously. But for now, what we see is a mini-story from Ezekiel's point of view. And it's a sad one. And it's a good one. (We also get that awesome intro from Maggie, where she asserts her authority and it's great, too.) RIP Shiva.

Wolverine and the X-Men 39 - This book is GREAT again. This was the best issue I've read in a long, long time. Dual stories of Wolverine (who's apparently lost his healing factor?) and Cyclops taking on a SHIELD factory where they're making Sentinels, as per the end of Battle of the Atom. Meanwhile, back at the school, we see that a couple of SWORD agents have infiltrated the youngsters group. of course, one of those traitors is torn. He likes the kids. He's made friends! He seems them as people! But in the end..he makes his choice. And it turns out the kids knew all along! So next issue, we'll get two big battles and they'll both he awesome and then, hopefully, this book will go out with a bang, just like it began.

Book of the week goes to Wolverine and the X-Men. Honestly, all of the books this week were great, though.

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