Monday, December 9, 2013

comics for the week of 12/04/13.

As I was writing these reviews, I learned that Nelson Mandela died. It's my hope that anyone who reads these reviews already knows tons about him. But if you're the one in a million who stumbles across this and you don't, educate yourself; it's worth knowing.

Trillium 5 - Well, that was wacky. Just when I thought Lemire was done playing tricks in the single issue, we get yet another innovative technique. I like what he's doing here, but I am starting to worry that the spectacle might be coming at a cost. I mean, the story's great and all, but it's not necessarily one that we haven't seen or read before and it's not all that amazing - outside of the cool quirks of every issue. Is this going to look as good in reflection, when we read it in trade? I'm worried it might not be a story that lasts. Anyway, it's great while it's here. In this issue, we get half a story from each character, Nika and William (?), but they've switched places. Nika gets to be back in some version of post-Victorian England, where there are zepplins (oh, those classic signs of this trope!) all over the place, and William gets to be in the future, each joined by others who shouldn't be with them - their compatriots have somehow joined them both and been reassigned roles; Nika fought in the First War (but there was a Second Great War? And there were Blues?) and William's brother is alive all of a sudden. It's as though they should know that something is amiss... And they do! And it's awesome.

Young Avengers 13 - Man, this book is so much fun. And the fact that I thought I'd known the ending to last issue only helped me this issue when it turned out...whoah. All of the bad guys (except Mother and the villains the good guys themselves had gathered) were merely figments of Loki's imagination?!? Wow. OK. Yeah, I didn't see that coming at all. That was bizarre to see them all melt away. And Noh-Varr got exactly what he deserved and Billy and Teddy saved the day with gay love and America called it correct when she said, "Of course love is going to save us all." I love this book. At the end, Billy got his parents back, but not his brother, we still didn't figure out Not-Patriot, Loki is getting away (only to be ushered into service in some other book) and we're going to get the afterparty after all. I love this book.

Book of the week goes to Young Avengers. Trillium is an amazing experiment, but YA is fun.

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