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comics for the week of 10/23/13.

Maybe on time comics?

Daredevil 32 - The Jester plays the part of a Shakespearean narrator to a T and I'm glad to to see that my confusion regarding last issue's ending was totally justified. Jester's reaction to Matt's non-reaction also illustrates one of the BEST things that Waid (and Samnee) have done in this run: they've shown that Matt is truly blind in such a variety of ways, and they've shown that his enemies (and even his friends) don't really understand that. It's such a weird divergence, but it's true. He is actually blind; he can't SEE things that most of us just take for granted. And when Jester's trap relies on "the whole Matt Murdock being a blind lawyer" thing being a ruse, it fails. Then there's the rest of the book, where it seems like Mark Waid is merely carving out a corner of the Marvel Universe for himself and using DD as his key to get things back, which is fun, in a way. The whole Sons of the Serpent angle has run its course through here as a throwback and now we get a Dr. Strange appearance, a mention of the Darkhold (which I wouldn't have even remembered if I hadn't just gone through my entire comic book collection - what up Spirits of Vengeance!) and then we get the ending that the cover promised and it's Halloween in an MU that knows how to have fun again! This book is so cool, Samnee is the perfect artist for it and I'm so happy to have comics like this still around. (And then, after I wrote that, the letters column makes me find out it's getting canceled. WTF? I'm fairly sure it'll relaunch, what with another movie coming out, but... Seriously?)

Mind MGMT 16 - I don't know how to process what I just read. This is...the best. It's operating on so many levels. The characters we think we know, the art, the bleeding edges, the text... I mean, this could go down as one of the best of all time. Seriously. So, here we have the backstory....maybe...of the Eraser? And a man? And a fictional set of stories? In the story? But she gets in trouble? Or she was born that way? Or, she was born that way and someone (or some organization?) made it worse? Or...things are just crazy around her all the time? Well, I don't really know, but I know that it'll continue to get more and more clear even as it gets more and more murky. That's what's great about this book is that it gets crazier even as it gives you answers. There's no endless quest for deeper and deeper mystery only, it's give and take. So, next issue will wrap up this arc, which has been balls out crazy and then I'll have to reread that whole arc to see if it makes any more sense.

Trillium 3 - Somehow I missed this when it came out, so here are my thoughts: Nika's ray gun is awesome. The world building continues to be fantastic. William's mental problems in his past are clearly going to contribute to the overall story. God, the way the pages flip; every time I think that's got to be the end of the innovation in technique in this book, they pull something else, huh? It's just an incredible idea and I'm loving the grand scale. I'm interested to see what happens next issue, if all those ships are going to make it through the portal into the past. We didn't get as much backstory with Nika this time, but we do find out that she built her own AI suit and that she believes enough about the year and the location to download old English, so there's a chance that next issue, the two protagonists will actually be able to communicate. Great, great stuff.

Ultimate Spider-Man 30 - WHY DO I KEEP FINDING OUT BOOKS ARE ENDING IN THEIR LETTER COLUMNS!?!? Damn. This was fantastic. So well drawn, so much fun, and the story really let the characters dig into each other. The two (three?) pages with Miles just hanging out with Roxxon, letting him do all the talking was where I finally gave in and shouted with joy. And then, the science brain trust shows up and the kids just demolish them. It's so much fun, it's so great, and it just feels like a great, old-fashioned kiddie comic book. I love the way this looks and feels and then I find out it's going away. Damn. I mean, I'd heard the Ultimate Universe rumors, but I had no idea this book was actually ENDING. Makes it all the more likely that things are winding down in this Universe, eh? That's a damn shame. This art, this style of Bendis writing, this Cloak & Dagger, even this Bombshell, the way she said they should text each other... It was so good. The only consolation I can take is from Spider-Woman's last line of dialogue and the fact that it certainly looks like they're setting the stage for a new team. These kids would make a great one.

Unwritten 54 - THIS IS IT! This is the climax I've been waiting for in this book. "Tommy was a dream." There is so much dream-breaking in this book that I don't even know where to start. Tommy's weakened state in the beginning. The death of the cubs and Snow White. The boys blue. Tommy's friends. "All worlds begin somewhere. And end somewhere." Holy moly. This book completely kicked my ass. It's incredible what's happening here and it's even more amazing that we're getting a break and then a true conclusion. The fact that this book exists and has been allowed to work how it wants to is a testament to the Vertigo line. I love the fact that the art kind of deteriorated as the scenes closed (before the white pages, obviously) and that we got the (almost?) full text of the poem. I love that Frau Totenkinder gave in to her base impulses as the last chance for Tommy to bring about the end of the world. And I'm so psyched for Apocalypse that I have no idea what to expect. But I know it's going to be good and I know they're going to get to tell the story they want to. That's worth the price of admission right there. Fantastic stuff.

Wolverine and the X-Men 37 - Welp. I'm over the fun aspect. This is too much, too ridiculous, too many teams, too many X-people, too many books I'm not reading, and too much bad art. This issue really suffered from that last aspect as, if it had a great penciller on it, I think I would have been a bit more into the ride. But when the characters look nothing like I've come to expect them to, and when major events happen, like Xavier getting crippled and Wolverine getting gutted, in books I'm not reading, well...I lose track and then I lose interest. It's nice to see that people are pretty well sorted out as to who's who, it's nice to see all the characters who can are fighting different versions of themselves and it's horrible to have so much cliche dialogue in one issue - at least 2 get out of my head!s, 1 hope you survive the experience, and 1 old Iceman take on the most interesting man in the world? As of now, it was fun, but I'm glad it'll be done soon. Here's to hoping when this book gets crossover-free, it'll get back to the fun experience it was when it started. But if it doesn't, there are definitely enough Marvel books out right now that are ready to take its place.

Young Avengers 11 - Loki changes! Man, this was a cool issue. Between the Loki changes, the page of the cell phone call going out and the last page with Hulkling, there were some serious events in store for the kiddos here. And they cashed allll the way in. Leah is getting her big-time revenge, Loki is firmly in control - though the Kid's still around in a brilliant touch, modified from its JiM form - and the gang is about to have an all-out battle that they thought they'd avoided more than a handful of times. The art is gorgeous, as usual, and the story kills, so what more do you want?

Book of the week goes to Mind MGMT. This is the comic every single person should be reading.

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