Monday, August 26, 2013

comics for the week of 08/21/13.

ON TIME COMICS! Now, onto the books.

Avengers 18 - was goooood. Ish. It was spacy. There were lots of characters. The art was nice. And it had that Hickman scope that I've been raving about for so long. didn't feel alive to me. It felt flat. It felt like just another crossover book with too many characters and some crazy threat that will somehow be overcome at the last minute, even though the heroes keep losing every single battle leading up to that biggest one at the end. It's weird. Maybe I'm event-ed out, maybe it's just that the Marvel books that I'm truly loving aren't really associating themselves with this, but this was the one I was most excited for this week. And when I finished, I just thought, meh.

Batwoman 23 - Well, one of the perks of being so far behind last month is that I got to this issue of Batwoman ridiculously quickly. However, that wasn't all good. I love the fact that this was the issue where McCarthy seemingly went for broke, just totally opened his style up. There are elements of Williams in this, but it's the style, the layouts that get aped, not the technique. I like that he's going for the differentiation. I don't like that I called we'd get a kind of filler issue before the confrontation and so we did. I don't like the fact that Bane is ridiculed even more, lowered even more than I noticed he'd been (it's not ONLY in this book, but this is the only Bat book I'm reading now - but it was happening even before the New 52) last issue. And I don't like the fact that Kate thought her best recourse with Maggie was to poison herself. That's not a healthy relationship. I do like the fact that it seemed to help their relationship and we now have some gay engaged characters - although I fear for their future.

Daredevil 30 - Parsecs, memes, dubstep and Matt sheds his suit as he's falling out the window tackling the Silver Surfer. When I saw the cover, two things struck me. First of all, it's a ridiculous pairing. Secondly, Samnee is an amazing artist. Both of those things proved true, in the best way possible for the former. The issue walks the line between pure comedy and pretty serious concept well and I think it does so, yes, due to Mark Waid's great writing, but the art's impact cannot be ignored. The square jaws, the panels on the double page spreads, the way that DD justifies his hijacking of the cosmic surfboard... Man, this was fun. A really good single issue with some possible future ramifications, too. While Matt's focused on the love issue, there's a pretty good chance this was Mark Waid's easter egg contribution to Infinity, so that'll always be fun to look back on, whether it's ever confirmed or not.

Fables 132 - Rose Red! 100+ issues after she debuted as an insolent younger sibling, she's finally the best leader Fabletown could ever ask for. She's got grand plans, exquisite revenge and she knows how to get things done. A great issue, I loved the prominence of birds and the way that the wedding negotiations are ongoing. Other than that, though, honestly, I don't have much to say. It's just another issue of a series that's been good for almost a decade now. What else do you expect?

Book of the week goes to Daredevil. Really happy with the way things are allowed to be independent and yet reference the larger world. Not everything needs to tie in.

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