Monday, March 4, 2013

comics for the week of 02/27/13.

Well, I caught all up on Daredevil and read last week's and let me say that it would have just added to the greatness of last week's stack. I know Dave is probably flipping for the Samnee art, and while it's my opinion that Mark Waid's writing isn't as fabulous as everyone's made it out to be, the book is top notch and last week's issue was the best the book's had.

Angel & Faith 19 - I wasn't able to find this comic this week, hoping to get it into next week's reviews.

Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan 4 - Wow. What a fitting conclusion. The fact that this book serves as something of a postscript to Watchmen, in a way that none of the other books have (so far - or should, IMO) is pretty appropriate, since it's only Dr. Manhattan's character that is, in fact, larger than the story. I'm going to have to check the previous issues of the Ozymandias mini, but I'm pretty sure we've seen part of that conversation already, right? And not in this book? The scale at which Adrian is constantly thinking, including monitoring himself, puts him on par with Dr. Manhattan and I loved his constantly referring to the ubermensch as Jon. Way to put in those subtle digs, Ozy. The flip in the book didn't feel like a gimmick at all, it felt perfectly conceptualized and ideally implemented. When people ask about the Before Watchmen project, we're all going to answer with "Minutemen." But this conclusion proved that Dr. Manhattan belongs in that conversation as well. And, honestly, it's nice to see Jon get something of a happy ending. He deserves it.

Hawkeye 8 - Sure, this one was cool. But the biggest thing that I got from this issue is that there's actually a long-term story being told here. It's cool and all to have the one-offs and the short story arcs, but it's even cooler to say that there are going to be some longer-ranging ideas. The appearance of Kingpin was a nice touch, as was the over-the-top bro dialogue. While this felt a little like a filler, it also gave some of those important touches that are clearly going to come back into play when we make it into the deeper narrative. I'm loving Hawkeye right now and I'm psyched to be reading a solid Big Two superhero comic book because, honestly, there's not too many of them coming out right now.

The Unwritten 46 - Diss! Rauch tricks Savoy and the kid, Jason! Jason's understandable, he's just a kid who didn't want the power, but Savoy seemed overly eager to listen to the puppet lady. Is it because of the lovely ghost who was urging him that way? If so, does that mean Savoy's lady friend has got some kind of connection to Rauch and was purposely pushing him that way? If not, how's she going to figure into the whole story? And, as Richie was saying while he was returning to his hotel room, where's Tom? I think the book's gotten along just fine without him during this little lull, but we need some kind of sign about what's going on, especially given Rauch's recovery and her assertion that there are lesser entities (gods?) who are stepping up to the plate now that Leviathan is no more. There are so many twists and turns in this story (long-term) and it's still teaching me new things with every issue. Bravo.

Book of the week goes to Unwritten. I've been loving on Angel and Faith and I have no doubt that it's going to be a great issue, but even if I would have gotten it, I'm so impressed by the Unwritten (on a consistent basis) that it's hard to be toppled.

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