Monday, October 15, 2012

mlb league championships.

The lead up to the World Series is on again, and October has proved to be a cruel month for some of the most promising teams in Major League Baseball. The Washington Nationals, absent from the post-season since their reincarnation seven years ago - and since 1933 before disappearing from the nation's capital before that - were smoked by the St. Louis Cardinals in game one, 0-8, then lost a squeaker in game two, 1-2, only to brutally collapse in game three. The Nats scored the game's first 6 runs, led in the 9th inning by two runs. However, the Nationals and their fans might be regretting the decision to shut down green ace Stephen Strasburg despite the young team's best record so far, and a solid shot in the postseason. The Cardinals, last year's World Series champs, have the resolve of a championship team for good reason. They've been all the way to the mountain top and they know what it takes to get there

On the other side of the equation, the San Francisco Giants lost their first two games against the Cincinnati Reds before storming back to win three in a row. Despite losing game one to St. Louis, the Giants have a chance to even things out at home tonight. Their championship pedigree shouldn't be questioned when compared to the Cardinals either, as they didn't win it all last year, but they did in 2010. The Giants won the National League West by a wide margin and ranked 5th overall in regular season batting average. They will not be an easy out.

The most decorated, dynastic team in baseball's history has once again made the postseason, and this year, the New York Yankees did so in style. After winning the American League East with 95 games, the Yankees traded wins with the Baltimore Orioles - second place in the AL East, only 2 games back - taking two of the games into extra innings.

However mighty the Yankees looked during the regular season, though, the Detroit Tigers have made them look terribly mortal in their two games so far. Playing both games in New York, the Yankees vaunted captain Derek Jeter has fractured his ankle and superstar Alex Rodriguez has been benched for his subpar hitting. The Tigers didn't look this impressive in taking five games to dispatch the Oakland A's, but they've put on a show when it comes to the Yankees.

With four teams left and a chill in the air, baseball's moment of excitement is here. The World Series is just around the corner and every team left has a sizable claim to deserving to be there, deserving to win it all. The Giants need to make a move tonight in order to get back in their series and tomorrow, the Yankees' season could be over.

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