Monday, October 29, 2012

giants win the world series.

The San Francisco Giants swept the Detroit Tigers last night, to capture their second World Series championship in the last three years. Fittingly, in a series that ended with zero wins in the Tigers column, this one went to extra innings, in a last gasp from Detroit to wring some of the last bits of magic from their otherwise-remarkable season. The only way the extra innings were appropriate, though, is the false sense that it finally put the Giants against the wall. All through the post-season, San Francisco has fought and clung their way back from the brink, only to seemingly walk all over Detroit. So, when it went to extra innings, plenty of nervous baseball fans back in San Francisco were probably holding their collective breath. Would these Giants put themselves into a corner once again?

The worry, it turned out, was unfounded. However, after playing their way out of a hole in every series - coming back from a 1-3 hole in the League Championship Series against St. Louis and an 0-2 hole against the Cincinnati Reds - there was nothing easy about this march to the championship for the Giants. Therefore, the worry, even while being up 3-0 on a team that had just steamrolled the Yankees, seemed rational.

The doubt may have crept in to the minds of fans, but the Giants never let it creep into theirs - and if they did, they certainly never showed it. The team that has battled back over and over and over again this post-season never had to do so in the finals. They forced the Tigers into batting far worse than pedestrian .159 average during this World Series, and San Francisco looked every bit as mighty as the Tigers had previously felt, after vanquishing every opponent in their path. The questions that loom over the future of the Tigers will ensure some serious debate during the offseason, but this moment isn't about them.

This moment is about celebrating a team that pulled it all together and, in a rarity in this day and age of baseball, has their World Series championship before October is actually over. The San Francisco Giants went from a also-ran to champions of the baseball world in a whirlwind postseason that won't soon be forgot.

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