Sunday, September 2, 2012

lobo football wins!

Over the last three years, the state of Lobo football has been dismal, to say the least. Winning only one game in each of the previous three seasons, there were calls for change at a bare minimum.

On Saturday night, the Lobos took their first step in that journey, under new coach Bob Davie. Trouncing Southern University might not seem like a huge deal, when one factors in their FCS status, but it's important to remember two factors.

First, as coach Davie said after the game, "Half of the teams in the country are 1-0. We're one of them." It's a pleasant surprise for the Lobos to be on the right side of that equation after the constant struggles of the last couple years. Secondly, scheduling cupcakes in the past didn't always work out the way UNM coaching staff planned.

Scoring was divided between nine Lobos - including two for phenom freshman Cole Gautsche, who defected from New Mexico State to join the young Lobos squad, and nine extra points from kicker Justus Adams, on top of a field goal all his own - the prospects for the future finally look a bit brighter. ESPN notes that the Lobos 38 point explosion in the second quarter equalled the team's point total from the last six games of the previous season.

With a great crowd cheering them on for the game, and favorable weather, the atmosphere was almost enough to convince a recent transplant to Albuquerque that the team was not stuck in the mire the last two years, but rather just on the wrong end of the power conferences.

Of course, that's not the case, and there's quite a ways to go before UNM can challenge for a winning season, much less respectability. However, for one day, at least, there was no doubt that it is, indeed, good to be a Lobo.

All the positivity will have to wait, however, as the schedule gets no easier from here on out. New Mexico visits #15 Texas next weekend, and one of Davie's prior coaching stops the weekend after that, at Texas A&M. Finally, for the trifecta, we get the newest chapter in the Rio Grande Rivalry, playing against the New Mexico State Aggies in Las Cruces. Cole Gautsche may have shined in his collegiate debut, but the Aggies and their fans are sure to have something extra in store for him when he finally makes it down south.

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