Monday, September 17, 2012

comics for the week of 09/12/15.

Zero month continues for DC. They have a weird fascination with zeroes, huh?

Batman 0 - Better than I thought it was going to be, we see Bruce pre-costume, and then a flash forward to a year later, where we get a peek at all the Robins (Tim Drake included, fuck you DC!) and Barbara and her old man. The Red Hood occupies an interesting part of this issue, seeing as we all know his connection to the Joker (a nod to the upcoming story A Death in The Family Death of the Family?) as well as Jason Todd. Regardless of what's been lost to continuity, he certainly reps for the Red Hood in the current-DCnU. The bit with Alfred and the computer and the wall felt a little forced, like, look at the old guy, and the way Gordon just showed up and started bullying (maybe not the right word?) Bruce seemed really odd, but I'm OK with a different dynamic. If we're going to change things, let's really change them. Overall, a good book, especially for the fact that we get two stories in one, but not a great one.

Resurrection Man 0 - So, that was the end, huh? Well, it was a neat story, and I'm glad DC gave Mitch Shelly another go. I have the whole first run tucked away somewhere and now this one will join it, as cool concepts that DC just couldn't justify. My buddy Dave says that DC's being pretty ruthless when it comes to sales: if it's not selling, it's gonna get cancelled. And while I think that's a good business move and I wish DC would pare down a LOT more of their titles, I do think it's a shame that we can't have little books like this anymore. It seems like more and more the Big Two are running like businesses and less like the comic book companies that I grew up with. Probably good for their bottom lines. Mitch's origin story, then, is his last story. Fitting enough for his character. I'm glad they used this opportunity to get rid of the other one. Here's to hoping to see RM pop up in some stories every now and then in this supposedly-connected universe.

Ultimate X-Men 16 - And the march goes on. This was a better issue than the last few have been, but it still feels like everything is disjointed. I'm happy to see Kitty in a leadership role, but I'm still confused by what Jimmy's role on this team is. He was in Wolverine-lite gear on the cover of the first issue, but now he's just...along for the ride? Fury is here, that's good, and he and Kitty kill 2 Nimrods, which is more than a little unbelievable. I'm down for the ride, but I'm not expecting much from the book at this point.

Wolverine and the X-Men 16 - Meh. The idea of being intrigued by a kiddie-Hellfire Club-narrated issue depends on being intrigued by the kiddie-Hellfire Club. And we all stand in the firmly-not-interested side of that club, right? Look, there are limits to what even Jason Aaron and Chris Bachelo can do. The art was great, if a little more blocky than I'm used to and Aaron deftly maneuvers around the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline again, but I just don't care about Kid Kilgore and his merry band of pranksters.

Book of the week this week goes to Resurrection Man. Not that it was outstanding, just most of the other stuff I read was pretty garbage, and I feel like Mitch probably never got the nod and now he'll never have another chance.

P.S. Thanks to my buddy Dave for pointing out my typo. That wasn't even the worst part though; look at that wack, inexplicable capitalization! Ugh. Thanks for proofing me, Dave!

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