Monday, August 6, 2012

comics for the week of 08/01/12.

No indies in my stack this week, which feels weird. Continuing to pare down the mainstream Marvel & DC, but honestly, don't feel like any of these books will actually get cut. Ultimate Universe Spidey stays winning and Animal Man & Swamp Thing might be the best results of the DC reboot. Why abandon a good thing?

Animal Man 12 - Rotworld begins, Swampy meets Buddy, and things get real. Honestly, though, the best part of this issue was seeing Abby tell Ellen to get over herself. Mrs. Baker has easily been the worst part of this series and it's wonderful to hear someone tell her that there's more going on than her precious feelings. The only real drag to this issue was the fact that it was all recap for readers who have been faithful to the series thus far, and we only got two real new shots: Buddy and Alec arriving in the Rot and Cliff looking scary as hell claiming that Rotworld was coming. The fact that next month's zero issues will inevitably present gaps in this story was alleviated by the fact that part two came out today, in Swamp Thing 12!

Swamp Thing 12 - The story continues, immediately! This is how good comics should work. This chapter, unfortunately, was not as good as the one before it. There were several things that I didn't like, starting with Marco Rudy's pencils. They weren't bad, but they don't live up to Paquette's high standard. It's just unavoidable. Secondly, it was weird that Baker didn't have his powers down in Rotworld and that he didn't turn around. What kind of help does he honestly expect to provide? Lastly, those ominous words from Abby, as Maxine is looking down at Swamp Thing's tether to the world, were worrying. Someone's gonna die soon, huh? Baker, bare minimum, should have known better than to go down into the Rot. He was stronger in the Red, he's got to figure that the Rot forces would be stronger at home. All those negatives being said, it was still great. Rudy did fine, the work on Maxine was unclear at times, but the styling was still there. The story is not only holding up, but exceeding expectations. The only hesitation I have on that count is that a year can't have passed and they'll have to backtrack, in order to stay with the rest of the DCnU. What a drag to be reined in by all these constraints.

Ultimate Spider-Man 13 - This is exactly how it should be going. Cap comes back, still feels guilty about Peter, hears about Miles, sees that he's good, and akes him under his wing. I know we're not there yet,'s what's going to happen. The twist with Aunt May (and Gwen) that I should have seen coming but didn't was good. I like that she (they? maybe?) understands what Miles is doing and doesn't really have to go through a whole thing about it. She's going to be the one to talk Cap into letting him continue and then we're going to be in for some really awesome things. I also like the fact that Miles and Ganke acknowledge what's going on in the rest of their Universe and how unfair it seems that Spidey is getting blamed for murder, despite all the rest of that stuff going on. I missed the girl that Ganke spilled the beans to, but I'm sure she'll come back. Well done, and the dialogue between Cap and Tony was spot-on as well.

Book of the week goes to Ultimate Spidey. Getting back on track is one thing, but looking forward is a whole other. I love when books manage to do both at once.

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