Sunday, July 15, 2012

on tim drake no longer ever having been robin.

I posted this on my nerd comic book Facebook group, but I wanted to have a copy of it here. Not because I think it's THAT good, but because I'm not sure who all can see the Facebook group, and I'm vain enough to try to draw the Google results. There might be people's names in here that you don't know, but I think the central point stands.


I'm trying to get all my thoughts out here, so I'm going to go on at length. If you don't really care about this, feel free to pull a Davey J and just ignore it, because apparently, some of you are really good at just ignoring things you don't like, and therefore, they don't exist to you. I am not good at that.

First of all, I tweeted at Dave that this is something that I envy in y'all who possess that ability. So I'm not trying to talk shit when I say any of this, nor is it sarcastic. I used the example of the Kardashians. If you seriously do not know who the Kardashians are, at all, or you are able to completely ignore them, and never think of them, they never influence your day at all, I envy you. That is amazing. I do not possess that ability.

But, I've thought about it more and that's a terrible example. Because I don't care about the Kardashians either. I rarely think about them. But I do love rap music. So I know about Rihanna. Because I know about her, I know about Chris Brown and the fact that he beat her up. I have intense feelings about Chris Brown and I wish I didn't. But I do. I am unable to ignore him, because he is an integral part of a thing that I love: rap music. He had a hit single and I loved it. But I wanted to hate it. Because I hate him. He performed at the BET awards and I didn't want to think about it/read about it, because I hate him. But I was unable to ignore those things. Because I love rap music and everyone was talking about it.

The best example, though, that I've been able to muster tonight is this: the Star Wars films. We're all nerds. I think we all love Star Wars. For some of us, myself included, it really, REALLY bothers us that Han now shot first. It bothers us that Qui Gon Jinn and midichlorians were retroactively inserted into a mythology that had never so much as mentioned them. It bothers us that ugly ass Hayden Christensen is now seen in hologram (ghost?) form at the end of Return of the Jedi. If it doesn't bother you, I have no problem with you, because we're all friends and we like many similar things, but I think that we probably value Star Wars (and, by extension, many things we love) in VERY different ways.

I like the story.

The history matters to me. Han shooting first was a part of his character. The Force was an amazing spiritual power, that didn't have (nor need) scientific explanation. And Obi Wan Kenobi was THE mentor. If I want that movie, yes, it still exists. I can watch the old versions. (Although this is debatable with Lucas being the twat he is.) BUT. I want those stories that I love to still mean something. I value the STORY more than I value the creator. George Lucas shouldn't get to keep changing things. At some point, a painting has to be done.

The thing about Tim Drake as Robin is that he was smart. He figured out that Bruce was Batman. He was Robin when Bruce's back was broken, he suffered through Azrael as Batman, he beefed with Dick, he felt emotional trauma when Jason Todd came back. Those stories still exist and I have them both in my memory and in hard copy. I will read them again if I want to, but I probably won't want to, and I probably won't read them again. That's not what it's about to me.

What it's about is this: I know that comics have almost always been made up as they've gone along. But I prefer storytelling that is finite (Ex Machina, Y: The Last Man, The Sandman, Scalped, etc.). I know that super hero comics can't be like that. I understand that and embrace it, because I like a variety of stories.

But when they say: "We've got a plan. We know how things are. They're going to be different," and then it becomes abundantly clear that they (DC editorial) were lying through their teeth the whole time, that there is no master plan, that they are making it up as they are going along, that is what I cannot stand. I cannot stand being lied to.

And I love the genre. I love superhero comics. So, yeah, I still have Tim as Robin stories. But DC just shit on my time with them for no reason other than to fit their supposed plan into an artificial time line. There was no reason for this. It's just more, "Oh shit, grab more rope!" that they're forcing upon themselves.

As Jesse said above, if you want a reboot, DO A REBOOT! As I've commented, in agreement with Ben, continuity can be an albatross. I 100% support the idea of rebooting every ten years. But that's NOT what they've done. They're pussyfooting their way around, trying to have their cake and eat it, too.

It's people placing themselves ahead of the stories. And that, I cannot abide. Fuck DC.

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