Monday, July 23, 2012

comics for the week of 07/18/12.

The Dark Knight Rises consumes all my thoughts. It's all I can do to even write this. Thankfully, I had a LOT of REALLY great comics to get me through the last tough week.

Batwoman 11 - This book felt like it really got back on track to me. While, yeah, sure, the art still isn't anywhere near what Williams does, I feel like he's finally getting his legs as a storyteller. The breaking up of the story still isn't interesting to me, but this one felt well-paced, and had turns in the right places. Kane's revelations to Sawyer felt real, as did Maggie's reciprocation. The twist of last issue was revealed in a good way, and the play between Batwoman and the various baddies of the issue felt pretty authentic. All that being said, the next issue is really going to have to be amazing - and I don't mean just the art, cuz I know that will be - in order for this to stay in my read pile at all. I don't feel a huge need to attach myself to another character that DC is just going to banish in 6 months or a year or a year and a half when the sales aren't what they want them to be.

Fables 119 - Boy oh boy has this story picked up pace. Literally everything about this issue was better than the last and even better than the whole arc has been. The fall that Therese has taken, the progress that we see from Darien, the terrible, terrible end of the Tiger and the utter control the Queen has over her toys all truly set this issue apart. And then, we actually got somewhere in the Oz backup? It was incredible! The emotions, from seeing Therese dig in, to hearing Darien's conversations with his brother (who may or my not really be there, that'd be a cool trick, if they utilized the dramatic irony correctly), were high in this book. This is really coming along and I am anxiously awaiting the conclusion to see if Darien is going to be able to save his sister or if he's going to have to abandon her there - she might be too far gone.

Fantastic Four 608 - I'm happy Hickman is getting to tell the story that he wants to tell, but I don't care about the Black Panther or Wakanda at all and at this point, I'm officially off this book. I'm confident that I got to see the best Fantastic Four story that has ever been told and I want to keep it in my mind that way. If someone says there's an amazing issue that I have to read before he leaves, I will, but both this and FF are done, for me.

Rachel Rising 9 - This was probably the best single issue of this book's run thus far. The explanations that we got (and the great use of dramatic irony! Authors are really coming out to play this month!) about who was who and what was what were satisfying and felt real and did an incredible job of setting us up in this book for sooooo much more in the future. Terry Moore is really feeling it right now. There aren't many (any?) of the wasted pages I complained about in the past as we see Rachel and Jet getting prepared for a journey, the truth about Zoe, and quite a dig into the mysterious blonde woman, about whom it's reassuring to know that there are several people who are noticing her. At this point, I'm happy to say that we finally know what we're dealing with in this series and that our patience has definitely paid off. This is going to be a hell of a ride.

Saga 5 - Another master at the top of his game truly hitting his stride, BKV knocked it out of the park last issue and continues to do so with this one. The focus here is on the Prince Robot and his search for Alana and Marko, but we're given a little bit of his side as well. (Shades of issue 4.) We also see the continuing saga of The Will on that terrible little planet, and though the conclusion isn't satisfying, I don't get the impression that it's really the conclusion. The Stalk has an unfortunate encounter, but I'll believe that's final when it's formalized and we barely even see our main characters for the majority of the issue. However, when we do see them, it's clear that this is a love story: the way they talk to each other, we see there's history. The way they treat each other, we know that it's real. The way they're sacrificing for Hazel, we know it's going to be an amazing story. Way to go, BKV.

Unwritten 39 - Annnd, another home run! Despite hardly appearing in The Wound at all, Tom Taylor and his book are kicking serious ass right now. Also worth noting? The fact that my carefully drawn out theories all appear to be shit right now! I thought Danny was going to be the new Big Bad, but now he's working with the police on the side of good, and seems to be moving toward Tommy? Without a desire to hurt or kill? Savoy spends his time in the story entertaining in every way possible, and police lady Didge Patterson gets some good old-fashioned revenge. The priest of Tommy's religion turns out not to be quite so great (surprise, surprise) and the showdown is set for next issue. I'm extremely curious to see where this is going, but I'm in no rush either. If we can have a total redirection here, or only a partial pivot, I'm down to follow this book the whole way. It's sublimely brilliant.

Book of the week goes to Fables. For a book to be good this long, and still have the ability to knock one so completely out of the park astonishes me. Plus, Saga and Unwritten were so so good, and yet, I felt like I had to go with the Vertigo vet. That says a lot about where this book's been, what it did this month, and the confidence I have in it going forward.

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